Who are Gen Z and What do they Smell like?

The last 'generation of the alphabet?' An extraterrestrial species? An alternative band? Let's find out.

Generation Z or ‘Gen Z’ is the demographic cohort that comes after millennials, typically referencing the birth years from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. If you were born between those years you belong to, what might be, the most diverse generation yet! Impressive! Most of this comes down to the boom in technology that quickly made globalisation an epidemic; thanks to social media and the internet you can share your thoughts worldwide at any time.

According to various reports, Generation Z is not only the most ethnically diverse demographic ever, but it is also well on its way to becoming the most highly educated. These Gen Z-ers are a colourful mosaic of cultures and intelligence, plus, they’ve got to grips with technology. On average, Gen Z uses their smartphones 15.4 hours per week—more than any other type of device. Maybe they’re obsessed with Instagram or calling Ubers to travel an unjustifiably small distance – does this sound familiar, as you scroll through this article on your iPhone XS? I see you Zeee...

The Scent of a New Kind

It’s kind of hard to narrow down such an eclectic group of young people to just one smell so, naturally, I’m going to throw out a few. In 2015, the market research firm, Wildness, conducted a study on 12 to 24-year olds in the U.S and found that 80 percent of Gen Z say finding themselves creatively is important. So that’s the first scent of this demographic – creative, experimental and innovative. For this, Maison 21G recommends Cosmic Coke, a daring scent that reeks of risk resourceful flamboyancy and good mood. It is spicy, citrusy, sparkling and just like Generation Z, smells of the free thinker.

"Creative, Experimental and Innovative"

Gen Z are distinct from other generations because of their ability to accept. This generation has never gone offline and are faced with endless types of people through their screens every day - prejudice is simply not an option for this lot. Therefore, a scent that reflects the peaceful nature of this demographic seems essential. The non-animalic notes of white musks (our favourite is muscemore or muscenone) epitomises freshness, purity and protection, as well as being very distinctively soft. It’s the scent of the world that Generation Z strives to wear as a second skin.

Our sense of smell can transport you to a different place and for Gen Z, we would like to recommend scents that make you feel absorbed in nature. This could be a rolling ocean wave (Ocean Odyssey), a field of green tea (Tea Time) or lavender (Lavender Legend) which has a relaxing, cocooning effect. It will disconnect you from the internet and reconnect you to true nature and human emotion.

All that glitters may be gold for this generation; all scents that sparkle, fizz and contain citrus notes will be an effective pick-me-up for them in this intense digital age. Ginger Game, Rhubarb Rhapsody and Bergamot Blast are the perfect potions for this wave of humans to feel more alive!


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