Why not wear an Anti-aging Perfume?

Wrinkles. A word I am sure many of you fear… Push that aside and prepare to be captivated by our eye-opening discovery!

From genetics to bad habits, sun exposure, the environment, and our hormones, the fine lines of wrinkles are unavoidable! Despite our efforts of wanting to constantly look fresh, energised, and radiant, the dynamics of our intensely hectic and at times, stressful lives often blockade this. From juggling your time exercising, hours spent at work, to whizzing from a to z with our life responsibilities, and even fitting in the nights of partying; although manageable at a certain age, there comes a time when it is inevitable that your skin may see the emerging fine lines becoming deeper and more visible!

It is no secret, that as one ages, wrinkles do emerge. Your skin structure changes, commonly loosing elasticity after the 30-age mark, thus becoming thinner and drier, and manifesting fine lines. This is highly relevant to your genetics and hormones, as for instance, non-Caucasian skin is known to be less prone to ageing, due to its increased elasticity, and thus they preserve the youthful glow for longer. However, in addition to genetics, there are other aspects that identify to impact skin ageing, including psychological and environmental stress. With your skin constituting of more than 15% of your total body weight, and playing a key role, including factors such as your immune system; it is important to take better care of it. Moreover, your skin is closely linked to your brain, and therefore your skin acts as a projector of your inner self, and the condition of your mood.

No need to spam your google searches with miracle creams any longer, as we have heard your prayers, and have invented an active perfume for you! A dream perfume formula, that will prevent your skin and brain, from any source of stress, whilst also protecting your skin barriers, and preserving your natural beauty and skin glow!

At Maison 21G, we once again prepare to “ooh” and “ahh” you with our new technologies and discoveries of our ingredients. Our atelier is exactly where the fragrance and cosmetic worlds meet, producing a unique revelation…A REVOLUTIONARY PERFUME WITH SKIN CARE BENEFITS!

Let us explain in more detail what we have created, to spread our contagious excitement for this ingredient, and we can ensure that you will never choose, or even smell your perfume the same way as before!

Our Secret Revealed

The flower of love and lust, a symbol of beauty, well known to each and every one of us: the Rose. A mesmerising flower, not only visually, yet one that, unpopularly known, holds qualities that are highly beneficial to the wellbeing of our bodies!

In aromachology, Rose Essential Oil is utilised for its relaxing properties, including, to lower levels of anxiety, reduce insomnia, and even fight depression. It has been proven that the olfactive signal of this flower can stimulate positive emotions to the brain according to the composition of the scent.

To top that off, more recently, scientists have also discovered that there are olfactory receptors located on even the skin, and thus scented compounds are able to have direct action with the skin! An amazing discovery that we simply could not resist to leverage for you!

Revolutionary & Exclusive to Maison 21G

In our active perfume Rose Ritual, we use a high level of Rose Essential oil™. This is a revolutionary Rose extract that is available to us from perfumer house, IFF. It is sacred to the perfumery world, due to the uniqueness of the ingredient, containing for the first time, all the components of the scented molecules of the fresh Damask Rose petals, derived from both the essential oil, and the floral water. It is a precious and rare product, which in perspective, requires 2000 kg of petals, approximately a jaw-dropping, 20,000 roses, merely to obtain 1kg of Rose Essential™!

Our studies have shown that when using our Rose Ritual ingredient in any of your perfume creations, you will not only be enchanted in a cloud of beautiful aroma, yet with each spray of your perfume, onto your skin, the Rose Essential oil™ will also regulate overexcited cell metabolism (↓G6PDH, ↓loricrin), it will protect your skin cells against stress-induced DNA damage (↓ ƳH2AX), and it will even reduce your melanin production (Melanogenesis Inhibition).

Consequently, all in combination, with this perfume creation, you will be helping your body to fight the signs of ageing. Already after 7 days of daily application, you will see the wonders of Rose Ritual within your perfume! Be generous when applying, particularly focusing on your neck and chest where your skin is especially thin and fragile, and where wrinkles often appear. After a week of daily sprays, you will notice a reduction of visible signs of stress and fatigue, along with an illuminated complexion, and a natural whitening effect. We can assure you, that your skin vitality won’t go unmissed, as your activating glow, will produce a more rested and refreshed appearance.

Do we really need to convince you further, on why this magic ingredient should without a doubt be in your next perfume mix? It’s time to create your own, active perfume with Rose Ritual, to promote a glow to your skin, and to fight wrinkles a natural way, whilst turning heads from your personalised scent!

Our Recommended Mixes with Rose Ritual

At your own luxury, you are able to experience that Maison 21G, is much more than just a perfume house, with also being a unique partner of bespoke eternal beauty. Our perfume experts will navigate you with recommendations of ingredient blends, to ensure you create the perfect, active perfume, according to your personal desires!

Amongst the list of endless combinations, we have chosen our top three blends, that you are just bound to fall in love with, just as we have!

Rose Ritual + Tea Time: This is your go-to mix to feel fresh and relaxed all day long. Our Tea Time ingredient contains high levels of anti-oxidants, that will complement the anti-aging rose oil action, radiating your skin, whilst also creating a trail of a delicate, aromatic green and fruity floral scent.

Rose Ritual + Vetiver Virtuoso: Vetiver as an ingredient, has impressive qualities, of decreasing anxiety and irritability. Its oil is also well known to moisture and nourish dry skin. A perfect combo of warm, charming floraly, and elegant, smoky wood.

Rose Ritual + Sage Supreme: A blend that will enhance your inner desires… Sage, known for its stimulating power, and the sexy feel that it brings when worn on the skin, is only enhanced in appeal when alongside Rose. A beautiful aphrodisiac, and a flower that is renowned as the most loved ingredient by women. It holds a key to every women’s heart, and so it is no surprise that in collaboration, these ingredients are a love affair you would want in your perfume wardrobe. Raw, fresh, warm, and seductive.


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