Shhh, we've got some secrets to spill! That's right, it's about one of the most iconic olfactory creations the world of perfume has ever known: Guerlinade. This is what tied all of the scents at Guerlain together into one harmonious string of legends, one after the other, all with the same great mixes and blends of ingredients we have come to love. Composed by Jacques Guerlain in 1921, it has been an integral part of all their perfumes since, and much more in some than others.

The passion for raw materials gave rise to a "family resemblance", which we would find in any of the world-famous Guerlain perfumes. Though, in 1921 Jacques Guerlain actually created a perfume of the same name, what we refer to today and in the many years after this perfume is not the actual perfume, but the key ingredients we find within it. Of course, this little name crops up a few others times in re-makes the scent from then, but that's not what we're on about either. None of them! Just the top-secret formula behind them! This secret 'alchemy,” or accord as we say in the world of perfume, hence became known as the "Guerlinade" as well. It has been shared by all the Guerlain perfumers and their descendants in their house of creation for almost 100 years.

It has given birth to numerous masterpieces of perfume! The Guerlinade is based on the union of 6 special ingredients, divided now up into three parts which are revealed to you by Maison 21G...


Bergamot (which was used to dilute the fragrance)




Violet (Methyl Ionone Gamma)


Vanillin (a molecule synthesized in1877)

Tonka Beans (Coumarin,1868)

Bam! Just like that. Mix them up and you've got Guerlinade. Well, not exactly, as the exact details of the secret recipe are kept under lock and key at Guerlain, but we've decided to reveal in this exclusive article what we've cracked as being the main components. You can thank us later!

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