First things first, if you’re here to read about humans with ginger hair, then you might be in the wrong place. They’re great people, truly, but this article is a little spicier in its content, quite literally. The infamous French Courtesan, Madame du Barry, the mistress of Louis XV, fed loads of ginger to her lovers making them completely amenable to all of her desires! Sounds a bit dangerous. In fact, that might even be an understatement as you'll soon understand the real power behind the spice of ginger.

Still, at Maison 21G we believe ginger can increase your desires whatever way you want. So we’re prepared to unlock this power for the whole world to play. This is for everyone to discover themselves… This is the power to the people.

This week Tatiana tells us how she uses Ginger Game to express herself! In a lively and active way, her dance and perfume work together, as one.

It’s been a colossal 2000 years since the magic of ginger was uncovered in Asia. Today, India is responsible for 50% of worldwide production, but these sexy roots sprout up in Malaysia, China, Japan, and Madagascar as well! Some names don’t make sense, but ginger is quite straightforward. Coming from the Sanskrit word Shiringavera, which means “horn root”, we conjured up “Zingiber” (a very direct connection to the obvious shape of ginger).

This spice is unlike all others. As a magical root, it was transported back to Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire for its healing properties. Not only this, but it was on the first spices to make it all the way back to Europe from Asia. Some trip that must’ve been without an aeroplane! If you've ever seen Airplane! with Robert Hays, you'll know that even if they had an aeroplane, things could still have been very complex. The rest is history. Over time ginger has been instrumental in the creation of many legendary scents.

Now, let our experts in perfumery at Maison 21G guide you in discovering the mystical world of ginger…

For us, ginger has a true zingy odour highlighted by spicy and earthy notes. Not to be confused with its little cousin’s black pepper or cinnamon bark, ginger is a far more fresh and uplifting scent. The words modern and timeless come to mind with ginger.

The essential oil produced by the rhizomes of ginger is a luxury raw material in perfumery. Declaration by Jean Claude Ellena was one of the first woody-spiced fragrances for men, with a great character and a touch of ginger inside. This is a fragrance that holds a special place in our hearts at Maison 21G! Forever unforgettable.

For a change, when we talk numbers with ginger things look decent enough. Surprisingly, 1kg is made from about 50kg of root for Ginger Oil India and 150kg for Ginger Oil Fresh Madagascar. At last, some sensible numbers!

You likely already know ginger from somewhere else: food. Ginger isn't just for the nose, but also the tongue. It's used in sweet foods, such as in the famous ginger ale or gingerbread! That's correct. We wouldn't have gingerbread men if it weren't for ginger itself. I don't know about you, but the Shrek movies wouldn't be the same without that little fella. Also, the leaves get used in Vietnamese soups for a subtle, yet addictive, hot flavouring. As well, the Jamaicans are known for making ginger beer out of the stuff! If you're a food lover, then there's plenty of foodie love to be found with ginger.

It is proven that ginger increases desire. Pure fact. In Senegal, women have worn belts containing ginger roots to enhance their partner’s desire levels and it has been used in love rituals throughout Asia and the South Pacific. Finally, it has strong energizing power and improves your blood circulation! Ginger is really a magic ingredient!

Another trick from us at Maison 21G: daily consumption of ginger may reduce muscle pain from exercise, of course!

At Maison 21G, our signature ginger essence, Ginger Game, adds a fresh and spicy note to any of our other essences! It blends very well with almost any ingredient, and does so in an unexpected and surprising way!

For instance, ginger adds fresh heat to any floral essence. It brings depth and vibrancy to any oriental or woody essence. It also goes well with other citrus family members like orange, neroli, petitgrain or green notes.

To remain fresh and seductive all day long, we recommend an unbeatable mixture of Ginger Game and Neroli Nude. It'll keep you smelling fresh all day long, and never lose its sexy undertone. Though, if you're after something even more powerful to woe someone over, we recommend the unique blend of Tuberose Tribute with Ginger Game. Finally, for your night out, for an absolute weapon of sexiness and magnetism, you should mix Immortal Incense and Ginger Game!


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