The allure of Calvin Klein perfumes

Calvin Klein... don't they make underwear and stuff? Yes, yes they do. But, we're not an underwear blog, ergo they must also make perfume? Correct. Here's the thing, CK1 wasn't just any other perfume. Back in the day, and even nowadays, different perfumes are either distinctively masculine or feminine. You walk into the store, there are two different aisles, with different olfactive palettes in use, and they're often nothing alike. CK1 appealed to a new phenomenon – that of the revolutionary "shared scent". A moment when two sides of the same coin begged the question: why can't we be friends? Now, I'd like to imagine a beautiful Toy Story moment in which one told the other, "you've got a friend in me". But that isn't quite how it went. This game-changing perfume re-defined the unisex and androgynous fragrance.

Calvin Klein caught the mood of the moment and created what was, then, the biggest-selling scent of all time! the press fell for the hype and said that Klein had invented unisex fragrances (even though that traditional Eau de Colognes were always shared and the first scent sold as unisex was Patou's Le Sien, created in 1929). 

CK1 got fast and widespread success, which took the world by surprise! It was a best-seller in the US and other countries for many years. It was targeted at consumers in the 18-24 age range, and it was a massive success, making $5 million in the first 10 days alone, and growing to become the world's top selling fragrance in 1995.

It was created by Alberto Morillas. It used large quantities of synthetic materials and had an unbridled floral heart based around the fresh blossoms of lily of the valley, freesia, rose, violet and jasmine. Their freshness was enhanced by a top note of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and a green tea complex. The base note is a very light Chypre structure with oakmoss, cedarwood, nutmeg, sandalwood, and a captivating synthetic musk, which defines the soft, powdery directional structure - the first so-called 'skin scent'.  Minimalistic and simple, the bottle was designed by Fabien Baron. Putting forward ecological values, its recycled cardboard case is paste-free and stands together thanks to brilliant folding. The pump is removable as well. In the luxury brand industry, the simplicity of its bare and raw flask design is unique. Sometimes, it's the little things...

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