Fig: Fig is irresistible and it is not just a Fig-ment of your imagination.

One of the oldest fruits consumed by humans, this ingredient has been largely symbolic in the timeline of culinary history, being used as a natural sweetener before the days of refined sugar. Although dried Figs are available for consumption all year round, it's undeniable that the taste of fresh Figs is worth the seasonal wait, starting in late June until September.

Biting in, first the smoothness of the small pear-shaped fruit, then its chewy flesh, and finally reaching the crunchiness of its seeds, it is a fruit that you would DEFINITELY want on your breakfast table! 

Rich in health benefits, with a never-ending list of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B and C, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, only to name a few, Figs are considered one of the best sources of fibre and calcium, and contain superior quality antioxidants.

However, in addition to the culinary beauty and nutritional benefits and uses, overpowering these, is the importance of this ingredient in our earth’s history.

Originating in northern Asia Minor, the Fig tree was spread around the Mediterranean region by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The dispersion of the fig evolved rapidly into different regions, and continents around the mid 1500s, touching both the west and east corners of our world, as far as England and China, as well as reaching southern California in 1520, which has led to the variety of the fruit, now known to be the Mission Fig. California is today, still the largest producers of Figs, in addition to Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Spain. 

Rewinding back to the very start of our universe; the Fig tree appears repeatedly in both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible, as a constant sign of peace and prosperity, with scholars even falling to believe that the Forbidden fruit, that was picked by Eve, was in fact a Fig, rather than an apple. Moreover, Sumerian stone tablets dating back to 2500 B.C. have record of the culinary use of Figs, with even remains of Fig trees to be found during excavations of Neolithic sites from 5000 B.C, thus many historians even consider it the first of the domesticated crops! 

Yet, that's not all this ingredient has to offer…Figs also hold much importance in almost every large world religion we have; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism, only to name a few, where the fruit most commonly represents fertility, peace, and prosperity. Figs were also widely craved and celebrated by the world’s early ‘celebrities’, especially amongst ancient Olympians, who were tokened figs in reward for their athletic prowess; whilst, natural philosopher and the author of our ‘Natural history’, Pliny the Elder, extolled the fruit's restorative powers. The list does go on… with the fruit ingrained popularly in the Middle Eastern, and Arabian culture, prophet Muhammed, the great founder of Islam, couldn't too resist falling deep in love with this fruit, identifying the Fig as the one, he would most wish to see in paradise. The Fig fever continued even in Europe, in France, where King Louis XIV’s admiration for this small, deluxe, delicious fruit, urged him into planting more than 700 Fig trees in his royal kitchen garden at the Court of Versailles! 

It’s safe to say that this frequent trend doesn’t require much explaining. The Fig is just irresistible to all! 

As a Middle Eastern and Western Asian jewel, a fruit that we’re so used to eating as a healthy snack, rich in almost, what seems like, every mineral possible, and a fruit, who’s leaves, as seen in found artefacts, like paintings, sculptures, silvers, we most commonly see used to preserve the modesty of figures from the ancient past…

Yet did you know that this luscious, exotic fruit, is a gem of an ingredient in the perfume industry too? 

You may be intrigued to unravel the mystery of what this ingredient smells like; so you've come to the right place! 

To the advantage of the perfumery world, the Fig tree itself is very aromatic, and we can utilise and indulge in the scents of the oils extracted from the fruit, as well as from its leaves. Spraying the scent of the Figleaves onto your naked skin, you will smell green, with bitter nuances, along with slight tinges of woody and earthy notes, making this scent near savoury, cool and shady. Comparatively, the scent of the fruit will encircle you into a cloud of milky-sweet, aroma. This ripe and juicy aroma also carries undertones of an earthy scent, with underlying facets of green. An intriguing perfumery ingredient full of complexities, yet also a scent you will simply fall in love with at first spray! 

Unfortunately, the Fig notes that we smell in modern perfumery, are most likely to be synthetic, using the key molecule Stemone, which is used to reconstitute the lush, iconic smell of this fruit! 

Yet don't fear! Fortunately for us, the perfumer talent at Maison 21G has tackled this ingredient, and thus the scent of Fig is reproduced in a laboratory from other essences, ensuring that each and one of you will have the opportunity to luxuriate in this beautiful, fruity scent. Stemone successfully resembles the complex mix of bitter green and milky sweet facets, with ripe, fruity notes, which are often used in woody compositions or in tandem with a hint of coconut and greenery to give the Mediterranean feel to the perfume. 

A trending fragrance ingredient in the market now, for both men and women, Maison 21G simply couldn't compose the fragrance wardrobe without it! Here are our few suggestions on how to best mix this ingredient fragrance. 

FABULOUS FIG in collaboration with SLEEK SANDALWOOD, will add a deep, rich, exotic character to your style. A combination of contrasting scents, which together create a powerful, enticing aroma, truly original and distinctive.

FABULOUS FIG also mixes especially well with most oriental notes; we suggest either AMBER AFFAIR or VANILLA VENUS. With these seductive combinations, your scent will leave an addictive, yet comforting trail, and will accelerate your mood to cloud 9! For sure an attractive and perfect mix when love is in the air...

Taking on a different approach, for the bold characters out there, who are in search of a more strapping fragrance, the artful blend of sweet and ripe FABULOUS FIG with the powerful aroma of TOBACCO TRANCE will be for those who seek a sensual yet extravagant scent style. 


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