Jasmine: Bring harmony and optimism into your life.

Chances are you’ve heard of this one before. The illustrious Jasminum Grandiflorum, which a number of perfumers swear by for its unique and intense aroma. Known to the average person as simply Jasmine, despite its many strains and forms, this ingredient has become one of the most precious scents out there. You can’t walk into a perfume store and come out without having caught a whiff of the stuff. It’s a bit like Game of Thrones, as no matter where you go there’ll always be someone debating how things should’ve gone… Though, don’t go jumping to call it common as muck, as you’ll soon learn of its associations to spirituality, tradition and usage in medicine.

Jasmine oil comes in two main origins –  Jasmine Absolute Egypt and Jasmine Absolute India. For each, you need almost 700-800 KILOS of florals to make just 1 KILO of the absolute oil that goes into your perfume! Since you’ve become quite the expert over the past few articles, you’ll know where this hits hard… You guessed it. The wallet! Jasmine is one of the most expensive oils a real gold for perfumers at more than 5000 dollars a kilo. Looks like we may need to start some form of a financial scheme with Richie from Richie Rich!

"If you were to see me: I would be the delicate, white, fluffy fur on a polar bear. I would be pure, fragile, animalic, and strong all while instantly drawing your attention with my powerful  and distinctive presence."

The smell of Jasmine is well known to evoke feelings of harmony and optimism ,provoking freshness ,joy and happiness when you smell it !

But it's not the delicate scent you'd make it out to be - expect to be instantly attracted by an intense, sweet, and animalic note that has perfumers wanting more.

Although Jasmine is quite delicate, there remain some underlying animalic qualities which provide its intensity. It's a bit like Lily of the Valley in the way it deceives you, except Jasmine isn't poisonous. Don't worry! In fact, recently, Jasmine has been called “The King of Oils” (while Rose is called “The Queen of Oils”) for it is the most masculine of the floral oils. Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll, just as Jasmine is the King of Oils!

Today, Jasmine is known to grow all over the world, from India to France, Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Italy and China. Egypt is actually the largest producer of Jasmine in the world today. Somehow, Jasmine production is largely absent in the Americas. They haven't caught on to this one yet! Their loss...

"If you were to taste me: a soft textured, creamy-based dessert. I can be sweet, but still slightly intense, which keeps you digging in for more."

Expect to be instantly attracted by an intense, sweet, fresh and yet animalic floral fragrance! You probably won't even have to try and smell this one in the air, as it'll find its way to you. That's the power of Jasmine. You all know about the iconic birds and the bees? Right? Well, Jasmine is animalic due to "indole", which attracts bees to flowers like magnets, so I need say no more!

Overall, Jasmine has a very fun-loving, uplifting and enthusiastic vibe to it. It is known to have a slightly narcotic feeling to its scent, with a mellow, floral, fruity character. It has hints of clove in the background, with the warmth and intensity of indole. Some nuances of a strong, green, fruity banana peel can also be found at the top, with an overall encompassing feel of the natural sexy musk of nature.

"If you were to hear me: I would be like the song Someone Like You by Adele, with an intense, bittersweet melody that you can just listen to non-stop on repeat all day."

Myth Busting

We love a good myth or two to go with our perfume. It adds to the magic and reminds us of the long history these scents have with the generations before us. Of course, the Indians have long considered Jasmine as "the perfume of love". Kamadeva, the Hindu God of love and desire, used Jasmine blossoms on the tips of his arrows to pierce through the senses. Sounds a bit like the love-matching messing that Cupid often gets up to himself. If these two are able to harness the power of Jasmine, surely you can too? Maybe there's no myth for us to bust here? There's only one way for you to be sure exactly what Jasmine can do for you...

"If you were to feel me: leather, which is slightly soft but edgy. It invites you for warmth and comfort, but with an animalic twist."

How do we mix this at Maison 21G?

To be elegant, the secret of Monsieur Guerlain has always been Jasmine with a ton of Sandalwood. This is the iconic duo. You wouldn't dream of MJ without the moonwalk, the sun without the moon and stars, or Netflix without the chill. For perfume, these two ingredients come together for a super chic and expensive blend, perfect for a beautiful woman!

If "heat" is your middle name, you should mix jasmine with sweet Tonka, which will make your skin literally addictive. If you really feel like stepping it up, then add a twist of vanilla. Move over, because after this Dr Love will be taking the wheel! At the same time, if you're just after a fresh vibe on a nice cool Sunday at Starbucks, then you'll just want to mix in some white tea leaves for the perfect fragrance.

For the men, to add a touch of masculinity to the underlying animalic notes, you should mix with some beautiful Cedarwood for its dark intensity. However, if you want to be as fresh as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, you need to blend Jasmine with a strong ozonic and aquatic note for lasting freshness! You'll be able to reinvent an Acqua Di Gio style for the 21st Century! We suspect you might be after love, so if that's your ambition, you need the unstoppable trio: palm, jasmine and tobacco! Add these three ingredients together and you'll become a force of nature itself for an intensive night...


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