Bergamot: Love a fresh cup of Earl Grey? You might love this Bergamot scent even more.

Straight from the tip of the boot! In Calabria, at the southernmost tip of the Italian peninsula, the winter sun burns long and strong. This is the home of the Bergamot fruit. Talk about exclusivity, because believe it or not a whopping 80% of the world’s Bergamot production comes from Calabria alone! That’s insane! Covered in thick skin, these fruits are delicately hand-picked, sometimes even with gloves to protect its unique bark scent. Then they’re selected, washed and grated.

Though, if you hadn’t connected the dots, the name for Bergamot has its roots in Bergamo, just north of Milan, where it was first sold from. Ah, of course, as with any iconic item, its name is disputed! Some other legends claim the name comes from the Turkish language.

Mr Q crafts the finest bespoke suits! Now he shares the secret behind getting to the next level – Bergamot!

Bergamot is affectionately referred to as the “finest flower of citrus”. That’s a big title to hold. It has a very subtle and complex scent, and far more than of the other citruses. It has a refreshing smell, but at the same time is bitter, yet still fruity and slightly floral with a mild spicy tone similar to lavender. 

Love a good cup of tea? Well, you might recognise a thing or two here. Bergamot is highly reminiscent of the wafting aromas of Earl Grey – a black tea flavoured with Bergamot. This was the invention of Charles Grey, a former Prime Minister of the UK in the 1830s. To this day, the English swear by his special blend!

Like with all citruses, a cold expression of the rind is used to obtain bergamot essential oil. To capture citrus smell, a specific technique is used, applying intense pressure on the peel to obtain the essential oil. The peel is removed from the fruit, pierced all over to create numerous small holes and mechanically pressed to produce the essential oil. And, since we love to talk numbers here on the blog:1kg of oil is made from about 200kg of Bergamot!

At Maison 21G, Bergamot gives confidence to those who wear it and frees them from any external pressures. There's also a bit of magic with Bergamot, and it's the kind Peter Pan might've used to find Tinker Bell. Rumour has it you can somehow use the inner magic of Bergamot to find fairies when there is a full moon! Not sure if Tink would be too happy with you hunting her down... Still, this might be why Eau Sauvage by Dior or Shalimar by Guerlain have been so successful. But hey, what would we know? You need to give it a go for yourself!

By the way, we've got your back. An ingredient once found in Bergamot called bergapten, which is a tanning accelerator, was found to be phototoxic. So, at Maison 21G, we've gone ahead and removed this by distillation to get a nice clean and safe essential oil for our use in our Bergamot Blast signature!

If you're after something fresh and sexy, then adding amber is the combo you need. Almost any oriental note will provide a strong contrast you need for the sweet notes to remain sexy. Whether it be with vanilla, honey or tobacco you'll have the seductive weapon you're after.

That lasting scent lies with adding in some vetiver! Terre d’Hermes follows this time-tested patent with a nice top note of grapefruit followed by Bergamot's strong woody base. So, get ready for a promotion from Maison 21G to discover the secret cocktail of successfully solving your stress.

For the trendy mix, you'll need to blend Bergamot with any fruit for that nice summer vibe. That's where we find the sparkle. Raspberry and Bergamot is the blend you truly need. This is the weapon we recommend at Maison 21G. Brace yourself!


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