Rhubarb: Fancy yourself a trendsetter? Try Rhubarb.

The only thing constant is change. Oh boy, have we got news for you! If you’re somewhat surprised by that statement, then we don’t know where you’ve been. It’s how things roll, unfortunately. In with the new, and out with the old, unless the old is really good in which case it gets to stick around (ergo, why we still listen to 80s music). Each new season comes with its own new scents. New ingredients appear in the fragrance world, which can be very exciting, but at the same time, these new materials coming into style can be a bit of a complete surprise at times.

Often, it’s hard to predict the future. We tried to ask Doc Brown, but just like he told Marty, he couldn’t reveal to us what the future has in store. One of the relatively new and quite original notes to enter the scene is rhubarb. Becoming increasingly popular among the connoisseurs and trendsetters among us it has a lot of potential. Hermes was one of the first to relaunch the note in their “Eau Collection”, and it was a very nice interpretation, but not quite on Maison 21G level!

We’d have to take the time machine all the way back to 981 BC, or in other words travel back over 3,000 years, in order to arrive of the early stages. At first, in Russia and China, it was known for its curing abilities. Only with the Silk Road did this glorious plant find its way into Europe! Some say that Marco Polo himself was actually the first Westerner to have seen rhubarb – another pure myth about the man. It was, in fact, Franciscan Guillaume de Rubroucka who managed to be the first to find these amazing rhubarb plants and import them back to Europe. Back then they hadn’t caught on to its stellar potential for use in the world of fragrance and perfume but rather used it in cooking where the stems of the leaves are particularly useful in pies and jam. There's probably a lot more to come from Rhubarb, as this is just the beginning... Ask Marty McFly!

Rhubarb is a two-fold duality, both visually and olfactory pleasing. Its vibrant green leaves shift into beautiful lush red towards the bottom of the plant's stem. From acidic and crisp, its scent becomes smooth and velvety. The duality of rhubarb is simply incredible. It brings good vibes and makes you want to burst into a smile! It’s a slap in the face of fresh and colourful tones that will fit perfectly with any summer activities, sports or parties!

At Maison 21G, our rhubarb elixir has many facets of modern greens, fresh florals and juicy crisp notes. You can find nuances of sweet green apple, transparent wood, laconic, crispy hazelnut and even marijuana (but, let's not tell anyone about that last one). Perhaps, thanks to its marijuana facet, our rhubarb elixir becomes an absolute must-have. Cannabis products are taking the world by storm. There's a huge buzz in the beauty and fashion world right now, with things from herbal teas to hemp handbags.

However, we cannot extract anything from rhubarb with distillation, so the perfumer's magic comes to the table to recreate its magic smell in a different way. They use a famous synthetic ingredient named “Styralyl Acetate” combined with Rose Oil Turkish LMR and Grapefruit Oil. Presto, there you have it!

Rhubarb has a natural affinity with rose, violet and berries because they are complementary notes. Besides that, there are some spices that go well with rhubarb such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Loads to choose from!

To feel energized, happy, and colourful, you should mix Rhubarb Rhapsody with Raspberry Redemption. Be sure to dress with plenty of colours and let the fragrance diffuse their good vibes. Bring the brilliance of those red rhubarb stems out to the max when this fragrance radiates through the air!

To feel elegant and stand out in a very natural way, Rhubarb Rhapsody will blend perfectly with our Rose Ritual. It will transform rhubarb into a beautiful and fresh, floral-like, juicy sorbet. A very nice note for the connoisseur's out there!

Finally, to feel super sexy and ready for a hot night, you should blend rhubarb with Tobacco Trance. The spicy part of the Chesterfield accord will enhance the crisp addictive part of the rhubarb in a match made in heaven. No one can resist you now! Well, they can try... but, just between you and I, we know that Doc Brown and Marty have given their stamp of approval for this one.

Stay tuned for the launch of our website. Coming very soon! You will have access to a brilliant source for all your secret elixirs and become your own scent designer! No more dictating from the big perfume companies, because now you can follow your instincts and express yourself in your own way. This, and more, all from Maison 21G!


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