Raspberry: It smells so good you just might want to have a taste for your skin.

On each of your fingers, a raspberry sitting on the top, on the bed of your fingertip. As you steal a raspberry at a time, engulfing it into your mouth, new adjectives pop to mind. One, sweet, two, tangy, three, juicy, four, tart, five, very-berry! 

This irresistible fruit, bursting its juices against the walls of your mouth, transports you to a journey of a warm, summer morning, with a fruit bowl in your lap as you watch the morning sunrise from your kitchen table. 

Loved and eaten worldwide, all year around, low in calories, high in fibre and vitamin C, how can it possibly not be one of your favourites! This iconic fruit is also considered one of our personal special picks, and so we are particularly excited to familiarise you further with this ingredient. 

Less popularly known as Rubus Idaeus, it’s botanical name; although this berry is believed to have been eaten since prehistoric times, it was only firstly cultivated in the western part of the world, specifically England and France, in the beginning of the early 1600s. With over 200 species of raspberries available, they differentiate from most other fruits because they do not ripen on their own once being picked. Thus, if you’re looking to find the lush, delicious raspberries, that your mouth desires, patience is key. Wait for the evolution of it’s colour and flavour. From a pale yellow, white colour, to a pale pink, slowly ripening to a rich red!   

In addition to its fruity properties, it is important to recognise that it is also deeply symbolic in different points of the world.

For instance, starting with religion, in Christianity, specifically in their art, the raspberry symbolises kindness. The opulent red juice of the berry, was considered figurative as blood running through the heart, where kindness originates from.

In terms of importance per country, the fruit spreads it’s purposeful symbolism as far as the Philippines. There, it is considered, that if you hang a raspberry cane on the outside face of your house, evil spirits will be deterred. 

Moving swiftly more west, into Germany; raspberry bushes were considered a technique for relieving and calming down horses, when tying the bush to their body. 

And finally reaching Scotland. Although it may not seem as the most obvious home for raspberry harvesting, it indeed is, with fitting soils, highly suitable in accommodating the growth of this berry. Starting from the late 1950s, raspberries were brought down from Scotland to London on a steam train known as the “Raspberry Special”, where they travelled directly to the heart of London, Covent Garden, amplifying the fever for this ingredient, and spreading its delicious taste.

Similar to the endless culinary uses of this berry, in perfumery, raspberries are also considered a very valuable ingredient.

Most commonly it is used in women’s creations, providing the perfume with fruity nuances, that are both sweet, acidic, and powdery at the same time. Often the scent of the raspberry resembles notes of blackberry, strawberry and blackcurrant. 

Moreover, due to the high content of Ionone and CIS 3 Hexanol molecules, which are present in hay and fresh-cut grass, the back notes of the raspberry project dry, and at-part waxy hay. 

Raspberry as an ingredient, associates with a young, modern, and sweet smell, enticing our senses, and also having a powerful impact of acting as a weapon of attraction and seduction, for the opposite sexes.

The scent of the raspberry, also has the bearing of refreshing the mind, and allows for the person wearing it to adopt a charming, sensual appeal.

However, unfortunately, due to the difficulty of extracting the essential oil from raspberries, the note is recreated in the lab, with the aid of the molecule, frambinone. Adding fragrant notes, and a tangy aroma, it is difficult to even differentiate the created scent from the real berry. 

In order to radiate yourself with a bold and fresh perfume, retaining the fruity-berry smell, along with a juicy, charming character; we suggest the piercing combination of Cosmic Coke along with Raspberry Redemption. Producing a treat of a fragrance!

Alternatively, if you seek for some summer-fun madness, and energy, to uplift and energise you, then the match for you is Vetiver Virtuoso, combined with our Raspberry Redemption.

For those in search of a sensual and sexy mix, the bittersweet scent of Almond Absolute and Raspberry Redemption, together are an unstoppable force in winning over the one you have your eyes set on… 

Finally, for the bolder characters who focus on tackling the centre stage. All eyes will be burning on you, with the combination of our timeless favourite, Rose Ritual, along with the scent of Raspberry Redemption. The guaranteed head-turner in your fragrance wardrobe! 


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