Thinking of tobacco, the word often associates with the unpleasant smell of cigarettes and their smoke. However, when it comes to perfumery, the base note of tobacco has nothing to do with cigarettes, and instead, you will be surprised with the divinity of its scent... A drug of an ingredient, that is extremely deluxe in perfumery!

Natural Tobacco Leaves absolute is truly an ideal companion for fine taste, a perfect complement for dress-to-impress occasions, and a frequent aroma that lurks in the trendiest speakeasies. Due to its expensive price, perfumers restrict their use of this ingredient in their compositions, nevertheless, you will still find it present in niche and oriental perfumes.

The plant whose leaves are so fondly used in perfumery is called Nicotiana Tabacum, and derives from the Solanaceous family. Relatives of tobacco include vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and bell pepper, as well as even some poisonous plants, including Datura, a powerful and dangerous deliriant, used for shamanic and medical purposes, one that when misused could even cause severe injury or death.

Similar to the rest of the plants falling under the umbrella of this family, Tobacco leaves had been bought to Europe and Asia from the American subtropics, where the indigenous tribes of America were using it in their shamanic practices in order to enter “the mystics altered states of consciousness”. It is therefore not surprising that a clear majority believe that it was in fact during Columbus’s expedition that tobacco was first brought back to Europe. Nevertheless, history does show that the seeds of tobacco only got to Spain during the second expedition in 1496 by monk Roman Pano. From here onwards, the spread of tobacco begun.

The most important year for the plant’s distribution was in 1560, when Jean Nicot, a French diplomat and the Ambassador of France in Portugal, proposed tobacco to the Queen of France, Catherine Medici, as a remedy against migraines. Its popularity accelerated in an instance with doctors and even perfumers falling crazy over the leaves. With qualities as a herb, medicine, a pain killer, a remedy for depression, and even the most effective first aid for venomous snake bites, tobacco was quickly nicknamed the “hers of all pains”. In honor of Jean Nicot, the herb was then named “Nicotine”.

Within the perfumery world, tobacco was similarly expanding, with perfumers experimenting with this unique aroma. Obtained by the volatile solvent extraction, from different varieties of the plant, the Virginia Tobacco is the one that is most commonly used in perfumery.

Tobacco Absolute is a very tenacious, aromatic material that adds warmth and depth to natural perfumes. It is a labyrinth of scents and sensations. A strong, rich character, with a herbaceous aroma, that carries slight nuances of rose-fruitiness and smoky accords. With regards to the facets of its woody character, it has undertones of maple and caramel, with a touch of osmanthus, tied together with the dry tea leaf note, and an undertone of hay accords.

Tobacco Absolute is not only prominently used in tobacco-themed fragrances, yet it is also commonly used in aldehydic fragrances to add intensity and character, as well as being used in masculine, fougère and oriental compositions to divulge the dry aspect of the fragrance.

Although tobacco complements well most ingredients, it remains fundamentally an oriental scent, and so when in combination with this deluxe ingredient, your fragrance inevitably adopts a new theme; irresistible and robust.

If you seek a creation to freshen you up throughout the day, then TEA TIME with a touch of TOBACCO TRANCE is the combination for you. Luxuriously fresh, with an aromatic dry core.

For something to uplift your sex appeal, something more suitable for the later hours of the day; we suggest TOBACCO TRANCE and VANILLA VENUS. Maintaining its masculine edge, this fragrance will offer fruity and woody nuances, with a gourmand touch.

VETIVER VIRTUOSO and TOBACCO TRANCE, a fusion creating the more dandy and charismatic of the fragrances. The rich and polarising scent produces a sophisticated fragrance, as the spices and wood interlace together.

Finally, one of our favourites, and truly a killer recipe. The blend of ROSE RITUAL with TOBACCO TRANCE, bringing luxury and leathery effect to the bloom of the flower as it settles onto your skin.


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