Vanilla, vainilla, vanille, vaniglia; in all languages, the name of this luxurious ingredient just rolls of the tongue…

This ingredient is present in both the fragrance and flavours industry. It has the power to envelop you into a vanilla fantasy, triggering all your senses in the process. When eating this ingredient, as the taste intensifies and diffuses within your mouth, your nose is elicited to relish this warm scent. Whilst when smelling this ingredient, the fragrant aroma of vanilla diffuses into your nose, to your odour receptors, affectionately tantalising your taste buds, mmm…

Whether it is the flavouring of your favourite ice-cream, or the rich icing wrapping the sponge of your cake, an essential oil, or perhaps the scent of your go-to candle which disperses the corners of your room when lit; this ingredient is omnipresent, and its value cannot be overstated. It’s just irresistible, and for sure, addictive too!

As ubiquitous as this ingredient is, not many know the origin… grown originally in Mesoamerica, which includes parts of modern day Mexico and Guatemala; the Vanilla actually comes from the orchids of the genus Vanilla, and grows in a vine-like manner, climbing the trunks and branches of the trees. A plant with strong character, as in the scent, as in flavour, and even in its choice of where to grow, with only successful growth 10 to 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

Now, approximately 75% of the vanilla sold on the market derives from the vanilla plants growing on the islands in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar and Réunion. This form of the ingredient is commonly called, Bourbon vanilla, named after Réunion Island, which originally was known as, Île Bourbon. Nevertheless, of course this ingredient can be found in other locations, yet here, more of a hunt, for these rare and expensive forms is required. This includes, one, Mexican vanilla, which in comparison to Madagascan vanilla, is supposedly smoother, richer, and darker; and two, Tahitian vanilla whose character projects more floral nuances, due to being packed-full with heliotropin, an ingredient recognised worldwide for its exquisite quality. Either way, it's that deluxe, palatable, velvety vanilla that we all adore!

An intoxicating gourmand scent, with comforting, earthy-sweet characteristics; Vanilla is celebrated for its feminine qualities, and is considered one of the most recognizable, and coveted notes in contemporary perfumes, even despite its high price. Considered the second most expensive spice, following saffron, vanilla requires intensive labour for production. Unfortunately, for the vanilla orchids to produce the vanilla beans, the plant must be pollinated by hummingbirds or specific species of bees, native to that region, and even then, they have only a short window of time when the flowers are open.  This has been a recognised issue since 1837, yet miraculously a solution has been found… A 12-year old boy, Edmond Albius, whilst care-free playing on the island of Reunion, figured out that you could pollinate vanilla by hand, which as surprising as it may sound, is exactly how vanilla is harvested for commercial purposes!

Can you imagine how many hands, individual people that takes…? But what can we do, you can’t deny that it’s worth each and every laborious process.  

Nevertheless, an alternative was found in 1889. With its premier in parfum, Jicky by Guerlain, it is unfortunately the cheaper and synthetic vanillin that we smell in modern perfume now.  

But, enough about history. Let me reveal a few secrets of the benefits of vanilla!  

So, the finger count begins; a natural antidepressant, a nerve stimulant, an ingredient with the all-wanted anti-ageing powers; yet that’s not all. Vanilla is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac, a scent of love, and exactly why we have named our ingredient, VANILLA VENUS, after the Roman Goddess of love! 

As early as the 1700’s physicians have recommended vanilla as a drug for male patients to ensure potency; and the passion for vanilla continues now, as the welcoming scent which embodies sophistication, sweetness, and sexiness, all tied into one, has a euphoric effect, luring the positive sensual mood. Hence it’s safe to say, the powdery vanilla scent is a sexy classic, so be sure to have it in your perfume wardrobe for the midnight affairs… 

In order to maintain your scent of elegance, yet to add a fresh boost, you need the combination of VANILLA VENUS, and COSMIC COKE.  A bubbly, yet sophisticated potion, of two iconic scents wrapped into one, ready for the spray onto your skin. 

If, on the contrary, you prefer a bold creation, something even bolder than vanilla itself, then VANILLA VENUS with LAVENDER LEGEND is the answer to your questions. A duo that will capture attention, with it’s incredibly powerful scent of the captivating mixture of pure power and might.

And finally, the most important blend that we recommend for our ladies, a sexual extravaganza, a weapon for any woman…Our VANILLA VENUS with the heart of SLEEK SANDALWOOD. A fragrance that will enclose you into a cloud of lust, and seduction, and will turn heads, with its magical and impulsive characteristics. Spray it onto your naked skin, and exhibit yourself, leaving a stimulating trace….


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