The Secret Guide to Create Your Own Perfume

Throughout the ages, perfumes have always fascinated men and women. A sacred elixir with mysterious virtues, a luxurious privilege of kings and queens, an object of seduction and elegance. Perfume has left its mark on history and will mark our lives if we know how to create our very own.

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i) How to make your very own perfume: The Basics

There are dozens of different types of perfume ingredients... So when you have to create your perfume, you don't always know when to start. What aspects must be taken into account to make your ideal fragrance, the one that will reveal all your personality and best adapt to your own tastes and DNA but also to our own individuality.

  • Knowing what looks like us:

The first thing to consider is which fragrance family best suits your personality. Fragrances are divided into several families. Which one appeals to you the most, even before you breathe in their smell?

  1. The floral

  2. The fresh with green, ozonic and citrus notes

  3. The oriental with spicy, mysterious, ambery, sensual notes

  4. The woody fragrances, with intense, vibrant and earthy notes

  5. The aromatic with fresh lavender or sage

  6. The gourmand with sweet honey, praline, vanilla, tonka, musk

  7. The spicy with pepper, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg

  8. The chypre with a good dose of patchouli

  • Do a test on our website:

It will allow you to identify some ingredients and blends that can fit your type of personality. It's a good guide to help you to make your first fragrance in a simple way.

Take the test here.

  • Knowing how to wait a little bit: book a private creative atelier and take your time is the best for your first creation!

The scent you smell in the first few seconds can give you a clue, but it's only after about 5-10 minutes that all the fragrances are revealed. Rather than making a hasty choice based on the first impression, it is better to book an atelier with us where you can take your time to discover, try and create with time and peace.

  • Know your skin type:

If your skin is rather dry or fair, the perfume will evaporate more quickly. It is therefore preferable in this case to choose a more intense fragrance that will persist throughout the day. On the contrary, if your skin is rather oily and dark, fresh scents are probably more appropriate.

  • Do not spray too many scents on you:

If you spray too much, the odours will mess with your brain and will prevent you from making an ideal choice. It is better to try only one or 2 perfume creations at a time, or even better, to refer to small blotting papers where you mix different ingredients. After a minimum of 5 minutes, you can perceive all the notes of your future perfume creation and then apply your favourite choice on your skin to check the alchemy.

  • Have several scents in your collection.

Not all kinds of fragrances fit all situations... Sometimes a fresh smell is perfect for the office or ordinary activities, but you want to be more mysterious and sensual for a romantic evening. Nothing prevents you from having in your bathroom several vials to adapt according to the circumstances.

  • Dare!

Have you been wearing the same perfume for ages? Be aware that over time, our skin changes, as do our tastes and personality. Sometimes, something as simple as changing the fragrance (or style of fragrance) can really make you feel like a different person and emanate things from you that you didn't suspect.

II) What a perfume reveals about personality

Woody, oriental, aromatic, gourmand or fresh-citrusy, the olfactory family brings together a wide range of scents. Your different choices sublimate you, but not only: they describe your character traits in a scent.

  • Your perfume, your olfactory signature:

The perfume reveals you. By choosing a particular fragrance, you impose your position in society. You're asserting yourself. Your emotions, mood and character in particular are composed of scented notes. You send a positive message to those around you. The gourmet juices, for example, show a lively, warm woman who enjoys every moment of life. Fragrances also allow you to build a character. Taste harmonises at a certain point in life. In order to age, a teenager will choose a rather chypre elixir. On the contrary, the fruity floral accords will reveal a dynamic and sparkling young girl.

  • The perfect scented notes to seduce:

Perfume is the perfect weapon to provoke encounters. Its intoxicating scents shake the other. They bring back pleasant memories, titillate her. Extroverted women with a sharp character dare to use animal notes such as musk and civet. Mysterious women prefer amber juices. They subtly reveal their sensuality.

  • The perfect scented notes to give you pep:

The fragrance underlines your dynamic. Your need to surpass yourself every day. Sporty and bubbly women love the fresh and light notes of citrus fruits. These highlight citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon and bergamot, while sensual and surprising women succumb to the charms of woody accords.

  • The perfect scented notes for a touch of elegance:

You don't need jewelry or princess dresses to be chic. A few drops of perfume are enough. Sophisticated women succumb to floral elixirs. For example: jasmine, rose and lilac. Elegant and refined men rely on Eau de Cologne, while woody and spicy notes give gentlemen an irresistible charm.

Our perfume reveals a lot about us and says a lot about our personality. At work, in meetings, in everyday life, as a couple, in conversation, on a trip, etc., our perfumes follow us and reveal how we are, it gives us character. It is therefore very important to create your right fragrance.

III) How to perfume yourself well

Wearing perfume is revealing your identity to the whole world. It's about sharing a little bit of yourself. So to make sure you don't make mistakes and show yourself in the right light, choosing the right fragrance is the first step in your olfactory journey. But it's not the only one! To perfume yourself, you need to know where to spray the fragrance so that it exhales all its aromas and leaves an indelible mark wherever you go. Here are some tips to perfume yourself

  • Spray your perfume on the skin:

Of course, the first destination of a perfume is the skin! The epidermis remains the most appropriate physical support to enhance the scents of your fragrance. But to take your olfactory approach a little further, be aware that there are specific areas to focus on: the pulsation points.

Indeed, the fragrance particularly appreciates the parts of the body where heat is concentrated. The aromatic particles of fragrances will never smell as good as if you spray them in pulsatile areas such as the neck, ankles, behind the ears, décolleté or even the wrists.

It is also important to know that joints are places not to be forgotten, because with each movement you make, you will give off a subtle smell that will pleasantly tickle the nostrils of your interlocutors. Finally, hair can also be a place to spray your fragrance.

  • Spray your perfume on your clothes:

If there is no better base than skin, you can still choose to spray your clothes. But be careful, it is better to respect certain rules to avoid wasting your fragrance unnecessarily by spraying it on any fabric.

Indeed, not all textile materials convey aromatic notes in the same way. Synthetic fabrics do not conduct scents well. It is better to spray your perfume on natural fibre fabrics.

Silk, wool, velvet, cotton, cashmere will enhance your olfactory impression more than polyamide or viscose. However, be careful not to stain your personal belongings with too much spray. Silk, for example, is very unsafe for perfume.

  • Spray properly:

The golden rule in the perfume industry is to "perfume yourself in large doses"! Indeed, our sense of smell is constantly solicited by a multitude of more or less pleasant smells, so create your own scent bubble!

Some professional, yet untrained beauty advisors in big department stores would advise you to spray in front of you to form a cloud in which you will immerse yourself. This technique is completely wrong and does not work. It will just allow you to waste your precious perfume in the air for nobody!

IV) Choose a perfume according to your skin

Have you noticed how some perfumes don't smell the same depending on the people who wear them? This is due to the type of skin. Depending on the acidity of your skin, your fragrance will become subtle or too invasive. Here are some ways on how to choose your perfume:

  • The acidity of the skin in a few notions:

When we talk about skin acidity, we are referring to its famous pH. It is very complicated to know what the acidity of your skin is, unless you do laboratory tests. However, there are a few basics to know that can shed light on this subject and help you choose and wear your perfume properly. There are several types of skin: dry, oily or normal. Depending on your skin type, you will not wear a fragrance in the same way.

It is generally said that skins with a dry tendency are more acidic than the average, i.e. their pH will be between 0 and 6. And the more acidic a skin is, the less the perfume lasts, and its essence can even be modified. Normal or oily skins can handle most perfumes without disturbing their fragrances

  • How to test a perfume?

Before buying any perfume, it is essential to try it, and not at any time of the day or in any way. The first thing to do is to test a perfume on clean skin. Before trying a perfume, get rid of any odours that may disturb your sense of smell. Avoid creams or lotions that can mix with the perfume and mislead you about what it really releases, unless you wear them on a daily basis. Then, perspiration can change the acidity of your skin. Try your perfume at a time when you are not hot and especially not after running around all day. Thus, the morning is a privileged time to choose a fragrance that matches your personality.

  • The alchemy between skin and perfume:

The alchemy between a perfume and the skin is based on its acidity, but also on its complexion. Indeed, some flavours are better suited to brown skin, while others blend perfectly with pale skin. So, if you have a matte skin and a Mediterranean temperament, turn to warm, musky scents, even unisex or masculine scents with subtle and sensual leather fragrances. On the other hand, if you have blonde hair and pink skin, don't hesitate to try flower essences or a little lemon, to give your personality a boost with your perfume, or vanilla or caramel scents to reveal your desire to seduce.


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