The New Rose Mania For 2020

Feminine, sensual, powerful and captivating; an ingredient that has been popularly climbing the perfumery tabloids for 2020… the rose!

Having been a perfumer’s favourite for many years, this flower of love, of lust, and the symbol of women, has long been a pillar ingredient in the perfumery world, dating back even as far as to Greek Mythology.

In the classical myths, the eminent flower was linked with both the goddess Aphrodite and her Roman counterpart Venus. Moreover, the admiration for the rose continued with Cleopatra, as when welcoming her future husband, Marcus Antonius, to her boudoir, myths reveal, that these aphrodisiac, fresh-picked blooming petals were scattered over her bed and floor…Who could really resist such an enticement!?

With the inspiration from mythologies, the flower of romance and sensuality, and truly a temptation in sight, was translated into a scent for our indulgence! Talented noses developed this gem of an ingredient into perfumes we admire, so that instead of receiving bouquets of roses, you can smell like them!

With positive connotations revolving rose fragrances, they are commonly considered to evoke the feelings of spring and enhancing femininity; nevertheless, this queen of the flowers has not always been ‘easy’ for all women to wear… in the past, the rose individually has often been regarded as old-fashioned, venturing almost into the more mature territory, and thus making it for some a difficult note to wear. Nonetheless, although not always loudly recognisable at first sniff, the rose in fact is included in most of our favourite compositions, consisting of at least 75% of modern feminine perfumes, and at least 10% of men’s perfume!

For perfumers, this staple ingredient is a diamond, with different sides, different facets. Sometimes powdery, yet also very fresh; at times, more fruity, with raspberry-like notes; unexpectedly woody, or perhaps even musky, or myrrh-like. The list is truly endless! Albeit never very far from a perfumer's vision, this decade has brought an intoxicating resurgence for the rose. Modern, sexy, sophisticated, comforting, and suitable for all.


This decade’s newest interpretation of nature’s symbol of beauty has been popularly adapted and exposed by perfume houses, and big name brands; quite literally creating a mania for this ingredient! From Guerlain, to Tom Ford, to Estee Lauder, and Dior; here are our must-have picks, 2020 hottest launches, that are quite simply the most irresistible rose fragrances kicking off this decade!


As you are aware, at Maison 21G, our uniqueness allows you to take this trend a step further. Follow the craze yet in your own fashion, with no one else smelling quite like you!

Here are our best ingredient collaborations with ROSE RITUAL to achieve endless compliments, whilst wearing an exquisite product, that brings delight to your nose and to those around you!

ROSE RITUAL and HONEY HEAVEN. A golden ingredient affair that creates the structure of an odyssey. It is especially perfect for women, providing a sweet and delicate scent, without the sticky aspect, leaving an enticing trail to those you meet.

ROSE RITUAL and OCEAN ODYSSEY. For those who reminisce about the enchanting sea breeze, this is the elixir for you! A fresh, crisp, and very sublime fragrance, that we encourage as an easy, yet inspiring everyday wear, perfect to help the focus of your mind and body!

ROSE RITUAL and TOBACCO TRANCE. A duo that is inevitable in achieving an addictive seduction. It is our favourite pick for men, where spicy warmness meets the fruity, timeless charm of the rose.

ROSE RITUAL and VETIVER VIRTUOSO. A potion of vibrant character and personality in one bottle! Fresh, and intensely elegant woody facets intertwine with the tangy, vitalising rose. Truly irresistible and suitable as a unisex fragrance.


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