Up your sex game with these scents

As promised, we're back with more aphrodisiacs. Depeche Mode knew what was up in their song "Just Can't Get Enough", which is exactly what's going on here! Michael Jackson, in the meme world anyway, couldn't get enough popcorn to keep himself entertained, and now you too are on that road. If you haven't read our last article on aphrodisiacs, then let me stop you right here, because you need to go back and start this right. If you been there, read that, and just need more secrets divulged, then read on, my friend. We've got another great line up of the magic ingredients that can transform your essence with your very own creations at Maison 21G...

Sandalwood is usually the perfect scent for massage oils with its creamy, woody, and sweet scents and also works lovely as a stimulant in colognes. Increasingly, it has become part of the best perfumes we’ve seen in the market. So, if you had one of those almanacks from Back to the Future, I think it would tell you to put money on sandalwood.

Best of all, it is said to directly impact sex drive. Straight to the point. No messing and does just what you need it to do. We’re not sure how accurate other claims are, but you didn’t hear it from us, as sandalwood creates better interactions and guarantees a good time together. Imagine that!

Lavender has been regarded as a classic scent throughout the ages. Myth has it that Cleopatra used lavender as her scent to seduce both Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. An impressive woman, no doubt. Now, we can’t doubt Cleopatra’s strategy? Can we?! She’s Cleopatra! She was wearing Kyphi, one of the first perfumes ever created, before the rest of us had even heard of perfume.

Its scent is said to make men feel relaxed and nurtured. Lavender helps to bring calm upon any setting, getting the mood just right setting the right mood and soothing conversation.

Hot spices, such as black pepper, chilli peppers, and even garlic induce a slight increase in heart rate. They may be last on this list, but they’re certainly not least. Nothing would be complete without a little bit of spice here and there after all. You just need to decide what type of Spice Girl you are! Sporty Spice or Ginger Spice? Or, maybe you’re downright Posh Spice? 

Adding in some spice mimics the reaction people have when they experience those butterflies in their stomach and their heart begins to flutter away. In fact, for centuries, Arab culture has touted the virtues of black pepper and incense for its mood and lust-inducing properties.


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