Secret To Feel Fruity Fresh All Day

We just can't get enough of fig this week. Can we? But real talk now: fig is super good for your health. You can eat it and use its fabulous perfume to enhance your mood all at the same time, and just like us, you'll be figged out. Just in case you didn't know about its wonderful powers – here's a quick low down...

Firstly, Fig contains a high amount of nutrients like magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, potassium, vitamin A and K... Together, these compounds have the capacity to regulate your blood sugar levels, and more importantly to reduce the risk of cancer (especially breast cancer for women). What a lifesaver!

But the smell of fig can also work some magic for your wellbeing. It brings you joy, a sense of calm, and just packages up an overall good mood! It's been proven that when you smell the scent of fig for several days, your heart rate reduces, so does your stress levels, and the tone of your voice settles. Just pure bliss.

The smell of Maison 21G's FABULOUS FIG just simply contributes to our well-being. It's that simple. We won't go on and try and convince you much more. The philosopher Platon was more interested in the mental-stirring qualities that the scent of fig seemed to provoke, more than any other practical ones, claiming that figs stimulate intelligence!

So perfuming your kids with our FABULOUS FIG could even help them with that tricky maths assignment...


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