A fruit that anyone would love to have in their kitchen, the pear. Part of the rosaceous family, and a close ‘cousin’ of the apple, apart from its elongated physique, there are other particularities that make this rosy-green, red-cheeked, juicy fruit unique and special, alluring you for a second bite. Sweet, mellow and velvety in its taste and voluptuous in sight, to a degree that it even inspires designers and architects with its shape.

However, it wasn't long, until someone took the wise decision of transferring these bursting taste palettes into a scent, now satisfying the nose too. Although in the array of fruit scents and in comparison to the ‘all-time’ favourites, such as the citruses, the Pear is truly an underrated gem! At Maison 21G, we can’t resist to share exactly why we love this ingredient and why it should be in your fragrance compositions.


The journey of the Pear, is initially a story of its famed taste. As a typical fruit of the temperate regions, it first appeared in Central Asia, in China to be more specific, with its cultivation beginning more than 4 millennia before our era. It then crossed Asia to reach Europe, where it was initially adopted by the Greeks and Romans, who ate it raw, cooked or even dried.

Dispersing over continents and countries, the fruit pleased generations with its addictive taste. It appeared in France in the 16th century, where it was polarised by King Louis XIV, thanks to his lawyer and botanist, Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie, who was responsible for the gardens of the Château de Versailles. He was truly passionate about Pear, even writing in his reports: “among all fruits in this place, nature does not show anything so beautiful nor so noble as this pear. It is pear that makes the greatest honour on the tables…”

Over the centuries, multiple varieties have been selected and retained, and commercially, the Pear is divided into two major groups: the European and the Asian ones. As the fifth most widely produced fruit in the world, it is now mainly cultivated in China, Europe and the US. France currently produces ten varieties of the Pear, whilst one of the most prominent varieties is the Conference Pear, born in England, and owing its name to the award it won at the British National Pear Conference in 1885.

With an indulgent taste, the advantages that are carried with the fruit only enhance one's desire to bite into it. From having a low caloric value, it is also highly nutritious, packed with vitamins, such as A, B1, B2, B3, and C, as well as minerals like sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. Moreover, it contains a lot of fibre and thus is popularly used in treating constipation and intestine inflammation, as well as being a recommended fruit in curing ailments such as cystitis and kidney stones.


Despite its many advantages, the pear is far from being an ‘easy’ raw material to be used in perfumery. Similar to the other fruits in its family; fundamentally composed of mainly water, it is nearly impossible, and least to say, particularly complicated to extract oil from the fruit. Therefore, whilst closely preserving a close-to-natural scent, the accords of a pear are reproduced in a laboratory, using a group of molecules called esthers or acetates. For instance, upon the first sniff of hexyl acetate, it will closely reminisce of Pears’ green juiciness, whilst allyl acetate smells more like pear sweet flesh.

The fresh Pear scent reconstituted is particularly suitable for fine fragrances. Perfumers use pear accords to bring freshness on top and heart of their composition. It is greatly used in both men's and women's perfume creations. From Elie Saab, to Marc Jacobs, to Louis Vuitton, Jo Malone, and Jean Paul Gaultier; no one can get enough of the fleshy, green, yet sweet, crunchy and juicy Pear accord!


If you are seeking a fragrance that will combine both chic and freshness, then the duo of POETIC PEAR and SLEEK SANDALWOOD is perfect. Suave, crisp, exotic; these ingredients together are all about the frisson of voluptuousness, whilst creating a balance of the sensuous woody notes, with the lighter, juicier Pear accords. A perfect everyday wear, that you will want to re-wear, day by day!

For an even lighter and subtly sweeter wear, why not try POETIC PEAR with JAZZY JASMINE. In combination, these ingredients create an alluring, delicate potion of timeless elegance. Specifically beautiful on the skin of ladies; this pairing is redolent of freshly picked, ripe Pears. Delicious white floral accords at the back enhance the femininity of the fragrance, so girls be prepared for a trail of admirers following your steps…

And finally, yet definitely not least, one of our favourite elixirs, for a sensual, fresh and invigorating scent, PEAR POET with VANILLA VENUS. Natural sweetness, with an underlying dark temptation. At first, it is super fresh with a light energising burst, yet soon drying into a sexier, and almost gourmand scent. We highly recommend this mix for the later hours of the day, and trust us when we say, a few sprays onto your body, and the formulas of attraction will begin their magic!


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