Beach holidays are irresistible to all. The sun, the delicacies caught from the depths of the oceans just for your indulgence, endless laughter, and of course the SEA! Views of the sea, with the sun balancing on its surface, the electrocuting shivers as you step further into the sea, and of course, the aquatic taste and the salty fresh scent that envelopes you from head to toe.

Exclusively to Maison 21G, this unique and tantalising scent has been translated and encapsulated in a bottle. OCEAN ODYSSEY; truly a capsule of the Atlantic, the Pacific, or the Mediterranean; we have left that for your imagination to explore….

Although we do boastfully take credit in capturing the nostalgic scent of the seaside air, the main component and protagonist of the composition is Calone.


Similarly following the footsteps of the unintentionally made discoveries of musk, Sucralose, and dare we say, Viagra; Calone was too, an example of how often in chemistry, when searching for one thing another is discovered.

Calone is a synthetic note that was initially found in 1951 by the Pfizer laboratory. Chemists who were working as part of a big research with cyclic Ketones to find an affordable tranquiliser. In the end, they synthesised it to then market it as benzodiazepine diazepam, or Valium, as we know it. The molecule evoked an unusual odorant, and thus starting from 1980, when it was first used in perfumery, was then further developed and composed to reproduce a light, airy, and aqueous scent-ambiance of the sea breeze. Calone’s initial form is white crystalline, and only after being diluted to a great degree does it generate its distinct oceanic scent, our desired favourite!

Shortly becoming a victim of its own success, Calone has been popularly utilised in marine and aquatic fragrance compositions, playing a role in defining and introducing a new trend for perfumery. The very first ozonic fragrance, with an overdose of Calone, was New West by Aramis. A fragrance that quite certainly turned heads, yet for different reasons. Unique and perplex in its composition, people would commonly comment that it would smell of oysters upon spray onto the skin! After the first polarising formula, Calone found its right balance, and won its way into the hearts of iconic perfumes, for both men and women. Fragrances that had followed Aramis were bolder in blending other ingredients with Calone, commonly combining with floral, aromatic, fruity or woody notes, and by the ‘90s specifically, an overwhelming overabundance was seen in best-sellers, including Aqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake, Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo, Invinctus by Paco Rabanne only to name a few!

Calone still remains a popular ingredient in modern perfumery, with a global production estimated at 30 tons per year. It is a powerful molecule, with a very high detection threshold, which, to put into perspective, would only require the amount equivalent of just a grain of salt, to scent a whole Olympic pool full of water! In addition to perfumery, a high consumption of Calone is used in other fragranced products that we find on the supermarket shelves, including laundry products, gels and cleaning products.


To describe the smell of this ingredient, it is most suitable to transfer yourself onto the sandy fronts, facing the ocean waves; you can take our word, that upon the first smell, it will be justifiable why!

Calone collectively incorporates aspects of the seaside all into one. From the fresh, ozonic accords of the breeze, to the marine notes of the droplets of the ocean, to the facets of anise, metal hues, something almost reminiscent to a milky oyster or even egg whites! This ingredient also reveals slight floralcy, with very faint undertones of fruit, specifically of watermelon. In consideration to this, Calone is thus commonly referred to as ‘Watermelon Ketone’; however, this oftentimes is falsely perceived, as the melon aspect is not the fruit's flesh, yet more the watery rind, with only a slight tease of fruity undertones.


An ingredient that easily cooperates with all, the use of OCEAN ODYSSEY at Maison 21G will bring character and creatively add an ozonic freshness to any of your scent creations, whilst inspiring your mind to become deliriously enthralled in the blue addiction!

OCEAN ODYSSEY and SAGE SUPREME will be the uppermost duo to collaborate for a head-turning, sexy freshness. Vivid and long-lasting, you will be pleasantly surprised of the hidden wonders of this fragrance as it protects you from any stress throughout the day!

Following on, OCEAN ODYSSEY and AMBER AFFAIR. Although rather contrasting scents, this bliss elixir will create a refreshing, pure yet sensual intoxication!

Moreover, the freshness of OCEAN ODYSSEY equally compliments with, and elevates your favourite facets of the suave wood, SLEEK SANDALWOOD. A forceful yet easily worn composition, that will enhance sensuality and warmth, with an overtone of freshness.

Finally for those who need a fragrance to shine and boost their charisma, then the bold combo of TUBEROSE TRIBUTE and OCEAN ODYSSEY is the partner in crime for you! The daringness of the TUBEROSE TRIBUTE will feel more open and light, with the right dosage of OCEAN ODYSSEY, making it a perfect wear for everyday!


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