No More Ingredients Stereotype

C'mon, we've all thought it... it this too feminine? Or too masculine? We want people to get the right message when they meet us. Whether you want to be the manliest of men, or the girliest of girls, or anything in between, or perhaps strive for something completely genderless or just go wild. But, I mean, they're good questions. It makes you wonder why can’t Daisy by Marc Jacobs – which is a fresh, floral and comforting – be worn by men too? It’s easy to answer this one because it all just lies in the name of course. Marc Jacobs wanted it to be for women, and so it is. All the marketing and ad campaigns behind the fragrance have women spraying and enjoying it.

Miss Dior, For Her, Modern Muse, Mademoiselle Rochas, and the list could go on  – no doubt all target a gender without question. Women! Obviously, it works the same for men's fragrances. Sometimes they don't even try and keep you guessing with some of those, ey. And guys, what about L'Homme Prada?! No shame in it, even.

The idea that men and women naturally prefer certain scents falls under the same logic as “blue for boys, pink for girls". If you were to ask us, it just isn't fair. You should do whatever you want! At Maison21G, we believe these cultural notions set in stone over hundreds of years are pure nonsense! We only think this way because its what we know. If the truth be told: you don't need a woody note to affirm your manliness, or a sweet floral note to accentuate your femininity. Great! Now that we've got that out of the way, you can set yourself free...

In the earliest times, back when the likes of William Wallace existed, the iconic, natural, perfuming ingredients (flowers, wood, spices, citrus, etc.) were used for both men and women alike. At the end of the day, everyone had the same interest when it came to perfume: to embellish, seduce, sublimate and show their social rank or culture. 

The distinction between gender appeared in the 19th century! When things started to develop with the synthesis revolution:  vanillin (1874), artificial musk (1888), and so forth, so did scent gender. From there, things only got worse... Especially in the 60s through till the 80s when women seized equality and power like never before! Of course, they wanted to be different, and they had every right to be. But therein, we lost neutrality of scent... 

But, hold up. Let me pose to you a radical idea... Women love the smell of flowers, and men love the smell of woody notes. Right? Now, if you want to attract a member of the opposite gender, wouldn't it be wise to use this knowledge to your advantage? Better start sneaking in some flowers under your woody notes, men!

At Maison 21G, all our scents are unisex. We don’t adhere to those terrible societal standards imposed by usual perfumery brands. It's another thing we do differently. We consider rose to fit a gentleman as much as vetiver would suit a lady. With us, you are free to fully express yourself – no matter the ingredient!

It's all happening over on the Maison 21G website! In a few clicks, you could become your own scent designer. The power is finally yours to behold!


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