MOOD BOOSTING FRAGRANCES: Can the right fragrance have an impact on your mood?


The use of fragrances in boosting one's mood, roots to China and India, and dates back to antiquity. In China, the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), used and still uses many aromatics and fragrant herbs, that are believed to be effective in regulating and treating one’s Qi. Similarly, the custom of aromatherapy in India reveals the uses of fragrant incense and scented flowers in religious rituals and worship, in which they too believe, are effective in spiritually uplifting and cleansing the soul.

Travelling to the modern day, it is a time of environmental chaos, and political instability; a time in which we live in constant anxiety, alongside the pressurising overload of the ‘digital’. Enough is enough. We must put efforts for self-care and for a healthier lifestyle, with prime focus on the ‘ME’, on YOU! 2020 is the year for Mood Boosting Fragrances, so join us in exploring why and how a fragrance can be effective in promoting one's well-being!

It's known that a good fragrance is responsible for the smell it provokes on your skin, diffusing to those around you. Yet, did you know that a good fragrance is far more powerful?

A perfume has the power to stimulate synapses, as it travels to your head, your heart, your hormones. As the most profound of all the senses, smell, or a fragrance is transformative, and thus it isn’t surprising that we express different reactions upon the smelling of different scents. For instance, you may love the smell, it may be the cure to reviving your energy, or perhaps it may be a perfume that will enhance and tease your sensation of pleasures. Contrastingly, it may be a fragrance you’ll despise, something that will cause every muscle in your body to tense up and feel uneasy. There really is no coincidence regarding the power of smelling, and it simply lies in the hands of science. In simple terms, our olfactory responses are linked directly to the emotional centre of our brain, and thus, different smells trigger changing moods, and behaviour, as well as, even physiological responses.


At Maison 21G, we truly believe that a fragrance is an extension of the soul, and thus, we were intrigued to explore the link between a fragrance and the feelings it may evoke. A study was conducted using the fMRI tool, which allows to visualise the activation of the brain centre of emotions. With this study we were able to see that fragrances using high levels of natural oils had more of a neuroscientific emotional impact, and triggered more results on the following six measured emotions: mindfulness, relaxation, energy, happiness, seduction and addiction.

Just before you rush to your fragrance cupboard to see the percentage of naturals within your current perfumes, Maison 21G has a better idea for you… We truly are proud to share that we design our fragrances with natural ingredients; and therefore, why not create a bespoke fragrance at our maison de parfum? You won’t only have a personalised, unique-to-you perfume, yet you will also be permitting a positive impact on your wellbeing! A 2-in-1; what’s not to love!?

With the science aspect set aside, here is our guide on which ingredients will promote mindfulness, will charge you with energy, or will relax your senses into a zen mode!

There are three ingredients which trigger the emotion of mindfulness, of clarity. Firstly, GINGER GAME, containing natural Ginger Oil. Fresh, awakening, raw and aromatic; with even a hint of this in your perfume, you can be assured that the scent will help you realign your focus throughout the day. Secondly, our studies have shown Lavandin Heart Oil, found in our ingredient composition, LAVENDER LEGEND, which is particularly effective in alleviating anxiety. Refreshing, floral, and charming, research has shown that its aroma effectively inhibits receptors in our brains which provoke the feelings of anxiousness. Add it into your next perfume mix, and you’ll be left worry-free! Finally, yet surely not least, which better ingredient can soothe your mind and body, whilst also boosting your brain power? Soft, elegant, sensual, gentle, and an inherently sweet floral, ROSE RITUAL, including Rose Absolu™. Integrate it into your desired elixir, and voila, you have the perfect boost of intoxicating elegance and charm, whilst offering a renewed sense of clarity.

For ingredients which spark bursting energy, GINGER GAME is your first go-to. As an aphrodisiac, it is no surprise that a touch of this ingredient will bring an untamed aromatic freshness, whilst invigorating and spicing up your day until the end. Be prepared to feel recharged and alive! Following on, another ingredient that will undeniably energise, is VANILLA VENUS, which includes the natural Vanilla Bean Extract. One of the only scents that can even be recognised by babies upon birth, triggering them to smile, still works its wonders into our adult lives. With bold, distinct confectionary notes, it’s a stimulating energy booster! Lastly, yet without doubt not the least, PATCHOULI POWER, including Patchouli Oil Light™. Comforting, green, almost moss-like, yet consistently hypnotically spicy, and vibrant; this ingredient has the reputation for energising, amplifying your mood, and awakening your mind and body!

Finally, for the ingredients that are most effective in calming your nervous system… Ironically, these three have already been mentioned as promoters of mindfulness and as energisers; nevertheless, they are equally effective for your relaxation. To start, PATCHOULI POWER. Add it into your perfume, and you’ll be plunged into divine comfort. With its sense of nature, created by the earthy-green facets, it really is soothing to your nose, to then gradually pass to your body. Secondly, VANILLA VENUS. Perhaps it's the memories of the gourmand delights; yet, either way, whether you have a sweet tooth or not, smelling vanilla truly evokes the feelings of joy and relaxation. Maison 21G commonly recommends adding vanilla into the date night compositions, to maintain confidence, yet also to succeed full ease and comfort!

Conclusively, LAVENDER LEGEND. As mentioned before, it is vastly useful in reducing stress and anxiety, and thus, even with a single spray onto your pulse points, the aroma will stimulate a tranquil state of mind, a soothing environment for you to simply switch off from the outside world! Mix it into your perfume, and you’ll find yourself at inner peace with lavender.


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