Lavender: If it is good enough for Hercules, it should be good enough for you.

Freshness or lavender? You really can't think of one without the other. Myth has it the word "lavender" comes from the Romans where the Latin word “lavare” literally meant "to wash". Hmm, no wonder you'll practically find this in every detergent or soap ever. Even before people could make soap, perfume, and the lot, they simply put lavender on things and it worked its magic. Lavender is, in fact, one of the oldest perfumes in England. Henrietta Marie, the wife of King Charles I, was revolutionary in bringing cosmetics to the English court where she frequently used lavender in perfumed soaps, potpourri, and in bathing and washing water.

There are multiple views on the origins of lavender – from the Mediterranean to the highlands of India, where did we first discover miraculous lavender? That's for you to work out. Still, today we know lavender grows in all types of sunny, stony, well-drained spots all around the globe. France is the King of lavender and produces more than 80,000 kilos of lavender every year! Interestingly enough, lavender isn't always lavender. If it grows over 1000m, it's actually called lavandin! But, you need to keep your eyes peeled when purchasing lavender because if it was grown up in the clouds and is really lavandin it'll have a stronger, medicinal scent whereas lavender is floral, sweet and more delicate. Know your stuff, and don't get cheated out of the real deal!

In the world of perfumery, lavender is quite the celebrity. It's known for strong performance and to bring out a clean and crisp aromatic freshness on the top of a fragrance. In short, if you haven't realised by now lavender = cleanliness. But, you've probably had enough of the lavender and soap lecture by now... so what else is lavender for?

Since ancient times, lavender has been used as a natural ingredient in aromatherapy to relax your mind and muscles! If you're thinking what we're thinking – Hercules. The big man probably used lavender after some of his mighty feats to relax those massive muscles. We're not sure, but we reckon Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson could vouch for this too. Some common life hacks back in the day included stuffing pillows with lavender to ensure a peaceful night's rest and chase away those horrid nightmares. Let the blissful dreams begin... Lavender was also allegedly used to improve your mood, reduce anxiety and soothe stomach pains. It was even popularly used in World War I to disinfect hospital surfaces because it was known to be a great repellent of insects despite its sweetness attracting bees!

With all this talk of great heroes and might it's only right we named our scent LAVENDER LEGEND. Now, if you want to be an elegant hero and gracefully walk in with style and freshness then CEDAR CAVIAR will bring you to new heights. The most exquisite and refined scent alongside a legend. Simply perfect!

Though, some may prefer a more of an energised boost. Nothing goes better with LAVENDER LEGEND than BERGAMOT BLAST to give you that uplifting power for a long day's work. Adding in a bit of a citrusy twist to the beautiful floral vibes of lavender means it'll be with you providing power day in and day out.

Now for the scent of love in the air that you're dying to capture... For a sexy and sensual mix, LAVENDER LEGEND goes hand in hand with TERRIFIC TONKA to give you an allure that keeps them all chasing. Or, if you'd rather come out bold and fierce with an outstandingly different smell to show off your uniqueness, then LAVENDER LEGEND combined with VANILLA VENUS will be the magic potion that solves all your problems. There's nothing else like it!

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