Honey Heaven: To Bee or Not To Bee?

The succulent sugary dripping nectar; the honey that you can smell within your fragrance compositions, is made with the real natural extract beeswax. A natural, raw material produced by the honeybees of the genus Apis. The word ‘honey’ itself comes from the ancient Hebrew word for ‘enchant’, whilst symbolically, honey prominently stands for ‘the sweet life’, prosperity and even immortality. Coinciding with the weight and meaning of its name, honey is rich, captivating, plump, warm, luxurious and yet is an easy ingredient to blend with. Beeswax is the result of a love affair between the bees and blossoms and is for sure considered one of the sweetest and softest animal notes in perfumery.


Before it was discovered as a crucial ingredient in the perfumery world, beeswax had been popularly used centuries back; dating as far as to the Ancient Egyptians who used it to make paint for their artists, whilst the Romans used it as a skin softener.

In more detail, beeswax is specifically produced by the female worker bees through the consumption of honey produced from the collected flower nectar. With a lifespan of approximately 35 days, the worker bees possess wax producing glands on their abdomens from which they excrete wax.

Following the intricate process of creation comes the process of extraction. In order to transform the wax into an absolute and then into the bottles of our perfumes, a process of purification with alcohol is required, in which approximately a heavy 100kg of wax, only produces 1kg of absolute! Now you can put into better perspective the arduous work bees must do after all…

Nevertheless, it must be noted that beeswax is in fact, among the few natural, ‘animalic’ notes we can still use in perfumery that are not vegan (but we don’t harm the bee at all!). For this reason, beeswax absolute is one of the most prized materials in the natural perfumery palette.


As such a versatile ingredient, it is not only regarded for its taste and scent properties. Beeswax is believed to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Beeswax absolute undoubtedly comforts and spiritually balancing and lifting, as its solar properties are fondly used in aroma therapeutic blends.


Beeswax, as the subtle sister of honey, is not commonly used as a star ingredient in fragrances. Instead, its role lies in interlinking and accentuating the different ingredients, like floral notes and creamy woody notes, thus tying the fragrance together.

Interwoven with natural fixative qualities, beeswax absolute is creamy, yet not fruity or sticky, warm and complex with notes of earthy hay and honey. It works well in unraveling and emphasising ambery, yellow floral notes like Mimosa, and woody notes, whilst with a fusion of gourmand nuances, such as Vanilla, it will transport the seductive lovers into a subtle sweet creamy heaven! Furthermore, in oriental structures, it excels in a comforting effect, transporting you to your deepest, positive memories, your childhood. Whilst, a small touch of beeswax in your perfume, especially for women, can create an extremely sexy twist.

Liquid gold and simply a beautiful product of nature; we absolutely adore it at Maison 21G! To ensure you had the indulgence of this ingredient, we have created HONEY HEAVEN; a floral, creamy haven of gourmand notes, transporting you to powerful memories. Try it for yourself; you definitely won’t resist, and you’ll soon also understand why specifically this ingredient is the emblem for Guerlain Parfum!


Our first recommendation would be the affair of HONEY HEAVEN with MIMOSA MANTRA. Naturally blending well with the notes of floral petals, HONEY HEAVEN also beautifully blends with our bouquet of Mediterranean Mimosa. Its sweetness is pleasantly contrasted with the freshness of Mimosa, giving the fragrance a natural, light and comforting scent.

For those who seek a fragrance that is fearlessly seductive, then HONEY HEAVEN with VETIVER VIRTUOSO is the duo for you. Warm, sensual and addictive, this composition will suit the most daring of men and women. We highly recommend this as your accessory to be worn with a sensual outfit or perhaps for a date!

Lastly, and surely not the least, HONEY HEAVEN and GINGER GAME. A compatible pair, bringing you spicy freshness, and invigorating sweetness, with under toning aphrodisiac effects. Just sit back and wait for the questions to start rolling in; “what are you wearing?” “Where can I find this fragrance?”


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