You might know it as marijuana, its more technical name of cannabis, or one of it's many colloquial terms: weed, grass, dope, ganja, ash, 420, and the list goes on... But really it's all the same thing. And what is this thing? It comes from those little spikey leaves you see up top there –  the Cannabis Sativa plant. Buzzzzzzzing, ey. You actually might be (as long as you're somewhere legal), but weed itself is creating a huge buzz of another kind in the world of beauty right now. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and holistic appeal, cannabis has burst onto the scene!

Cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp-infused products have gone from being an item found on the fringes of the cosmetic world, to now being thrust onto centre stage. Today, it's creating a category in its own right! As more retailers stock cannabis beauty collections, analysts estimate the trend could help boost the overall CBD market to an estimated value of US$100bn. So, we're hopping on the train as well! At Maison 21G we've created our own interpretation of that marijuana smell you've come to know. Why not? It'll give you a great high just for the fun of it! But fret not, you'll never really be stoned with our lovely Cannabis Cloud! 

Marijuana has, in more recent years, been quite controversial for its uses in medicine. But, who knows? We think it can work wonders, and especially when you look at its unique weedy odour! Why so cool? The answer: Terpenes.

Terpenes are an essential oil that provides fragrance to foods and herbs. When you take a whiff of basil, for example, what you smell are the terpenes! Cannabis works just like that. Different strains have different smells – from lemon, to spices, to thyme. Beware, though, as sometimes it just actually might be thyme from your dealer! Sometimes you can even get a whiff of curry, henna, leather polish, and even paraffin mixed in there!

Our Cannabis Cloud interpretation is a well-balanced addictive fragrance composed primarily with patchouli and pyrazines. If you are wondering, pyrazines give off the vegetational smells and can also be found in coffee and chocolate where they lend a “green” effect that sometimes gets described as “fresh”.  Now you'll be able to school or barista as well! But, we add some aromatics in too such as almond, sage and rosemary accord to introduce the dirty, leathery facet of cannabis with its lovely earthy vibe. 

We wanted to create a spiritual formula for our fans out there. It truly represents the hashish accord you've come to love but its effect has all the bad stuff removed, now with only the positive side! Our idea is to establish a fragrance that allows people to disconnect and disappear for some time – to get lost within themselves. Cannabis is a polarizing smell; some love it, and others completely hate it. Either way, you'll capture the attention of others!

For that fresh and wild mix that truly speaks volumes, you need to pair CANNABIS CLOUD with our RHUBARB RHAPSODY to achieve a powerful, yet natural, scent. This one will pack a punch! It'll be unmistakably recognisable at the same time, so you might not want to wear it in the police station...

Still, if you need a bold and noticeable creation with a more earthy and leather undertone, then you need to mix CANNABIS CLOUD with TOBACCO TRANCE. It'll be the perfect mix to grab someone's attention and make them yours in a very unique manner.

For a proper sexy and addictive potion, we've got you covered. The special mix with CANNABIS CLOUD for a night out has to be with VANILLA VENUS, of course. You'll be a true charmer with just a single spray of this blend!


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