If I say Abercrombie and Fitch, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Inevitably, it has to be their scent! Whether you’re crossing the Orchard Road in Singapore, or exiting the Burlington Arcade in London, or turning the corner onto 5th Avenue in New York, the brand’s signature scent, Fierce, not only enhances the company’s sales success, yet it also justifies the swaying power of a smell! The perfume is sprayed within every corner of the store, and even on the merchandise sold, making it impossible to miss, as the cloud of Fierce tingles your nose, diverts your attention, and entices you to enter their store, even before you have the building in sight!

So, could a signature scent really impact the success of a brand?

Precisely! It is no secret, that our fifth sense, our sense of smell, is one of the most powerful. Smell solicits a very precise area of our brain, one that triggers pleasure, and consequently, 75% of our emotions are generated from our smelling sensations. Therefore, indisputably, scent is an excellent olfactive marketing tool, and leveraging its use can truly impact the brand’s image, just as it has done for A&F. An olfactive signature translates exactly as a logo or a visual identity, and is a strong element for your brand image, as it strengthens the message you want to release, while enhancing a unique relationship with your customers, as they create memorable experiences in your store. Statistics even support and prove that a scented place, a room or store, can lead up to 50% more occasional guests to visit, and has a real efficiency on customer loyalty. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create your brand’s signature scent!

For the first time ever in perfumery, Maison 21G is opening their doors to companies who desire to design a scent, with the unique bespoke service and guidance and high level expertise of scent designer Johanna Monange. And above all, at an affordable price. Maison 21G encourages your company to be empowered and to create your own corporate signature scent, as they offer different product formats for your customers, including perfume, hand sanitisers, candles, home scents, or even the services of the private perfume creation ateliers, all available for you. Once your olfactive signature is created, the rest is simple. Merely diffuse the aroma at key touch points within your chosen space, and voila; not only will you be forming a mist of a beautiful fragrance to indulge the noses of your colleagues and customers, yet this signature, will be triggering to create memorable sensorial experiences for your company and work wonders for brand awareness.

Why choose Maison 21G?

An easy question, whose answer lies solely in four apparent points of differentiation. ONE: the company’s UNIQUE EXPERTISE. As the founder of Maison 21G, Johanna Monange has 20 years of experience within the luxury perfume industry, as she previously worked with the most famous of designer brands, including Armani, Prada, Paco Rabanne, Lancôme, Victor & Rolf, Ralph Lauren, and Martin Margiella, really to only name a few.

TWO: their focus on GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS. Very relevant and dominant in compliance with the current environmental concerns that we are now facing; Maison 21G proudly uses natural ingredients, responsibly sourced, cruelty-free, preservatives-free, as well as having no chemicals. In addition, they are acquiescent with the standards of IFRA on the governing of all perfumery businesses. Furthermore, Maison 21G believes in sustainability, as they use recyclable and refillable bottles and containers for their products.

THREE: at Maison 21G you will be safely in the hands of a PROFESSIONAL TEAM OF EXPERTS. Our scent experts are dedicated to support and to fulfil any of your needs, implemented with high professionalism. They provide full training and knowledge sharing of not only the process of perfume making, yet also expose what is often left behind closed doors about the ingredients and the manufacturing process, thus providing full transparency.

FOUR: finally, and not least, their TECH FOCUS. With the use of the latest technology equipment, it allows for pure engineered craftsmanship, more agility, constant quality, and a scale-up for any of your products. With specifically the use of their patented technology La Source, you can uniquely indulge in the opportunity of tailored scent creations with optimal diffusion of your bespoke fragrance, anywhere!

Surely there is no longer a need for convincing. Head over to to learn the array of corporate design scent options, to find what you are looking for. We can assure you; you will be thanking Maison 21G for your new, alluring, enticing, and memory-provoking scent, tailored only to your brand.


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