China & Fragrance: 5 Fun Facts

Fact #1: Fragrance only became available in China around 50 years ago!

Imagine a world without perfume... Well, 43 years ago in China that was very much the reality of things. Whereas in Europe it's been around since the19th-century, the Chinese only gained access in 1976. And we don't just mean no access to the evolutionary perfume of Maison 21G, we mean at all! Nada! The historical absence of perfumes and colognes in the Chinese empire continues to play a huge role in the market today. Cosmetics and perfumes were illegal during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and considered to be just for prostitutes by Chairman Mao! 

Fact #2: Chinese perfume consumption has doubled in the last 10 years...

Did someone say perfume? I guess they must've. After 43 long years in the dark, it seems that all our friends in China are now hopping on board the scent empowerment train. The premium fragrance market has seen exponential growth in 2017 and 2018. You can only imagine what will happen when they find out Maison 21G is here to let them break free and design customised scents! The Chinese are using more and more fragrance every day, despite it not being usual to wear perfume as you would in France! But why...? It might not be practical enough, they find it's unnecessary, they don't last, and you can't see what brand you're wearing. It takes something more niche to catch an eye in China – there needs to be more. That's why we see Tom Ford and the likes commanding huge market share over CD and Chanel. And very soon we might even see #M21G up there with Tom Ford...


Fact #3: Chinese women love long-lasting and sophisticated light fragrance's.

Could you blame them? That sounds like a winner of a formula if there ever was one. Chinese women are looking for sophisticated perfume with loads of facets, that's not too strong or overwhelming. Instead, they're after something spiffy, fresh, natural, floral, and woody without any sole dominating tone. Balance is paramount. Though it might sound cliche, there's a need for ying and yang in perfume too. Sophisticated fragrances like Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Lancome Miracle, CD J’Adore or Joy represent femininity, elegance and delicacy to Chinese women – that's key. However, gourmand scents have started to pick up with younger generations when contrasted with a lot of freshness up top. La vie est Belle has seen huge surges!

Fact #4: Season and occasion really matter for what perfume gets pulled out

Let's hit you with another number: 70%. That's how many Chinese women said that the season and occasion made all the difference with what perfume got uncapped. In Europe, most of the people have their own perfumes, the one that corresponds to them, the one that makes their identity. You have a scent, end of the story. In China, 41% of millennial's and Generation Z said they have up to 5 or 6 perfumes in their bathroom, switching their perfume depending on their mood and the occasion. Their fragrances change according to their social activities, the season, their company, or if we are on day or night time. It sure sounds like they know how perfumery works. Now, that's proper #ScentStyle!

Fact #5: There's trust in influencer's as 60% of Chinese women purchase via social media

You know when you're not sure if something is hip? Cool? Suave? Where do you turn for a definitive answer? The King's Queen's, Prince's and Pricecesses' of Instagram (aka influencers) usually have a solid take. 97% of Chinese consumers seek information about their products online (who wouldn't read the Google Reviews after all). And, unsurprisingly, that means way more purchases happen online! By contrast, in 86% of them, ambience and mood around the product were more important than the fragrance itself. The breakdown: 75% are influenced by the packaging of the bottle, 70% by the marketing campaign, and 60% by the influencers who are speaking about it. With Maison 21G, you can win on all fronts, because you design it all!

It's all happening over on the Maison 21G website! In a few clicks, you could become your own scent designer. The power is finally yours to behold!


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