Cedar Wood: Love to cultivate your natural charisma? Here’s what you need.

An ingredient that is around us surprisingly more than we know... Do you remember the scent of your freshly sharpened pencil, the twirls of shavings? Or perhaps you've had the chance to walk through an evergreen forest? Well, a drop of Cedarwood oil, will trigger your sensory memories, transporting you to the place or time where you were indulging in that rather soothing, warm, yet equally powerful and charismatic aroma.

A Dip Into Its Rich History & Benefits

One of the oldest ingredients in perfumery, Cedarwood oil is obtained directly from components of the tree and is considered to be one of the first crude essential oils extracted. The first documented uses date as far back to two to three thousand years before the birth of Christ, in Egypt, where the oil was used in the mummification process, as well as to ward off infections.

Nowadays, the aroma of Cedar is believed to encourage confidence and to calm anxiety, and thus explains the reasoning to why the Japanese commonly use this wood in their traditional bathrooms. The Cedarwood lining of the bathrooms, in combination with steam, composes a bubble of soft, balsamic, woody aromatics, fully transferring you into a zen mode, a true zone for relaxation.

An ingredient with countless applications… the pure wood, in addition to being used in the building of sarcophagi, jewellery boxes, boats, only to name a few. The might of this wood also allows it to be used widely for the construction of temples, specifically because its smell is a repellent for worms and insects. In terms of Cedarwood essential oil, it too has numerous properties, including, uses as an antiseptic, calming, antibacterial, aphrodisiac and even used for the deterring of negativity. The oil is also widely used as a mosquito repellent and an anti-dandruff agent. Finally, in dissecting the final components of this phenomenon of a tree, the Cedar needles also share a use, in this case, as animal fodder.

From Cedarwood to Essential Oil

There are several species of Cedarwood. Different types grow in different regions, e.g. Cedrus atlantica, also known as Atlas, Cedrus deodara as Himalayan, Juniperus Mexicana as Texan, and Juniperus virginiana as Virginian Cedarwood. Nevertheless, acquiring the oil, the process of extraction, is the same for all.

Following the daily collection, the scraps of the Cedar tree are unloaded from the trucks, chopped and then blown into a still. The oil contained in the foliage is steam extracted and subsequently separated into a decanter after being cooled under indirect contact with a heat exchanger. Following this, the oil is filtered, stored in barrels and distributed to wholesalers for use in products including pharmaceuticals as well as cosmetics.

The Scent of Cedarwood

A unique, rather raw, dry scent, which embodies a distinctive woody aroma, one with nuances of spice and resin. Due to its quality as an excellent fixative, it is commonly used as the base note for many famous fragrances, from ‘Feminite du Bois’ by Serge Lutens, to ‘Black Cedarwood & Juniper’ by Jo Malone or ‘Super Cedar’ Byredo, and popular in both men’s and women’s fragrances. It is particularly well mixed with woody notes, the ones smoother in nature, such as vetiver, patchouli or sandalwood. It also mixes equally well with citrus fruits, fruits or flowers. In combination with these olfactory compositions, Cedar offers elegance and character, whilst the tenacity of the wood creates a real dynamic within the fragrance.

Our Recommended Mixes

The indulgent mix of Cedarwood with red fruits is a bursting, exquisite fusion that you wouldn't be able to resist. Our recommendation for a unique, bold creation would be CEDAR CAVIAR with RASPBERRY REDEMPTION, the perfect partners. A sweet powdery facet of tantalising nectar, along with a dry woody undertone, a creation perfect for both men and women.

We also recommend trying the popular blend of Cedar with florals. Compositions blooming charisma as you wear them, with a long-lasting aroma that shall diffuse a bright and fresh bubble around you, such as CEDAR CAVIAR and MIMOSA MANTRA.

If you are an admirer of herbaceous compositions, our formula of SAGE SUPREME or LAVENDER LEGEND in combination with CEDAR CAVIAR will create undeniably elegant and aromatic, long-lasting perfumes.

Finally, with Cedarwood widely used in modern colognes to extend the long-lasting aspect, we recommend 3 different mixes with CEDAR CAVIAR. Each of these ingredients is fresh with different touches of refreshing citrus within. Come and visit our boutique and discover your preference: BERGAMOT BLAST, RHUBARB RHAPSODY, and NEROLI NUDE.


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