Best Perfume to Attract the Opposite Sex

Thinking about bossing someone around? Telling them what to do? Straight to the telephone it is, where you're planning on dropping them a text or call to tell them to come right on over. I mean, how else could you? It's not like us humans already send all sorts of messages through the air. Hold on a second... We do! They're called pheromones and they play an important role in human relations – one you never even knew of. 

Pheromones are chemical substances produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal, which in turn affects the behaviour of other members of its species. For example, the female butterfly will be attracted by a male located miles away, all thanks to its smell. So, in essence, it's a "booty call" of sorts – minus the call. Of course, all of us are mammals! Meaning we all naturally give off these smells. If you've been going around thinking that the choice of your romantic partner relies only on their physical appearances and social affinity, then have we got news for you! It's also very much a question of smells, and whether you like their smell or not. Your scent is a vital part of attracting the right partner. All this time and the secret to love has been right under your nose (pun intended)...

Both powerful and quite imperceptible to us humans, pheromones compose a real individual identity card, just like DNA. Each individual has their own olfactory pheromonal signature that can both attract, or repel, a potential partner… Plus, like we tell everyone at our workshops, humans remember much more of what they smell than see.

Did you know that you're attracted to people who smell different to you? That's right: opposites attract. It's simply for the sake of safety to mix things up! As you know, it's best to mix different types of DNA, which is why you don’t flirt with your cousins or siblings but with all different sorts of people out in the world instead. This is Mother Earth's way of protecting us all, and now with great our big smelly instincts. Hold on. How can you be smelling different and like yourself if your dad bought the entire family CK One for Christmas? You simply can't. Not without some help from us over at Maison 21G, anyway! Enhancing your personal smell with the right perfume will let you attract the unique attention you deserve, and set you apart from the rest like you're meant to be. You're not just anyone, you're you. So start smelling like it!

At Maison 21G, we help you to design your own scent style! For those looking to increase their sex appeal, we recommend you mix VANILLA VENUS with any of your favourite ingredients, such as a beautiful flower or aromatic wood. On the other hand, if you just need to stand might and tall for a boost of power, then grab some OUD OUTSHINE. You can always dress up your secret potion with any fresh, clean note like BERGAMOT BLAST or GINGER GAME!


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