Attract your ideal partner with these aphrodisiac perfumes

Are you a lady? Have you ever wondered how you can add that “X factor” and catch that special someone’s eye? Looking to attract attention? Well, we may have just the trick to solve all your worries. No, it’s not a giant neon sign, some wacky wig, a spray tan or some outrageous jewellery statement that you’re missing. First impressions matter. People often remember you very fondly or terribly based on a first impression, and it’s a crucial crossroads. One of the first and most memorable aspects of someone is their scent, and we’ve got you covered. These might be well-kept secrets, but unlike Obama, we're under no obligation to keep this classified material from you!

Here are some scents we know that men absolutely love on women. We’re almost certain other women love these scents on women too, and you’re bound to fall in love with these deep aromas yourself after experimenting with them. Trust us, these are head turners and attention grabbers…

Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac and simultaneously invites a sense of both euphoria and relaxation. That’s two-in-one. It might seem paradoxical, but it’ll get their heart beating on the one hand, and make them feel cool and welcome on the other. While this works for most men, it is said to work particularly effectively with more mature men.

Vanilla produces feelings of happiness around the world, and is the most liked ingredient in perfumes, globally! Also, there’s something to be said for the powerful taste behind vanilla that we all associate to its smell… Mmm, it’ll get people going no matter what!

Bergamot has a very interesting property associated with it, wherein it inherently makes women appear younger to men than they actually are. Is this something from the Fountain of Youth? Should we tell Professor Henry Jones (yes, that’s Indiana Jones) that it isn’t the “universal myth” he thought it to be?! Hold your horses there a minute. Bergamot hasn’t been some kind of true magic all this time. It’s just an illusion, but one we can use!

The fresh, juicy, orange-like scent of bergamot is known to uplift moods and capture attention from men. Both bergamot and orange citrus notably aroused over 20% of men in a study!

Lily of the Valley (Muguet) is a beautiful scent of spring and is also referred to as Our Lady’s Tears. This will calm your mind. So much so you’ll begin to hear music and be transported to a different world, according to some. By that standard, this ought to be a controlled substance!

We’ve written another article in our ingredients section where you can learn all about one of perfume’s most beautiful, yet poisonous, smells and more.

Liquorice, ah, it doesn’t get sweeter than this! Scientifically speaking, cause we’re all about science, liquorice is known to contain phytoestrogen sterols. What do those do? Well, they tend to affect testosterone and estrogen levels – direct hit! Yes! The sweet, spicy, sharp, candy-like scent of liquorice is undoubtedly attractive.

Look out for perfumes, like myrrh with hints of anise, or even some ouzo, which replicates the smell of liquorice.

We'll be back next week with more amazing aphrodisiacs, so stay tuned!


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