Why create Maison 21G?

The art of wearing perfume is a weapon in itself. With a spray of perfume onto our skin, as it infuses into our bodies, it casts a spell over us, one with endless effects. From changing one’s moods to boosting your confidence, to even enhancing your sex appeal and seductive aura to those around you. Perfume is more than an accessory; it’s personal and intimate, and it is your voice in expressing your own personal sense of style. Some aficionados even take it a step further, regarding your chosen fragrance, as an extension of our unique identity. In essence, perfume plays a vital role in shaping the first impressions of those around you, as the power of a fragrance can alter how you are perceived. Perhaps your perfume choice will suggest you’re more masculine, or more feminine, a charismatic or daring character, or perhaps it will highlight your inner raw seduction, or your elegance and mischievous sides! Ultimately, choosing a perfume for ourselves or as a gift for others remains a very personal and unique experience, and thus it is no surprise why we have been observing the spread of this quick rising trend, the customisation of perfume all around the world!

As founder of Maison 21G, Johanna Monange, expresses, “I can’t begin to explain how many times I have heard that ‘nowadays everything smells the same, my perfume doesn’t last, I have no idea how to choose a new perfume, I am lost when placed in front of the thousands of new perfume launches!’.” Have you ever felt that even some of the most expensive perfumes in the market are missing a touch of real naturals within their compositions, and even that unique twist that you’re looking for? Well, you are not alone!

Johanna believes that it is exactly the ‘soul’ of a fragrance, and the noble quality, that is lacking in most of the commercially famous perfumes launched this last decade! Where are the launches of iconic fragrances that even upon one smell you’ll remember and pin-point the scent exactly, reminiscent to the archetypal icons, such as: Poison, Fahrenheit, Tresor, Coco, Le Male, Shalimar, Habit Rouge?!

In her 20 years of experience within the industry of perfumery, Johanna has worked as the Creative Director for L’Oréal and Puig, where she developed many iconic scents for prominent luxury brands, such as La vie est Belle by Lancôme, Aqua di Gioa by Armani, and One Million by Paco Rabanne, only to name a few. Nevertheless, despite her apparent corporate success, Johanna felt strongly that something was missing within the industry, as she felt that she was losing part of her soul in what she was doing with her passion. She therefore, continued to push the boundaries of perfume creation within, with her favourite perfumers. Eventually Johanna’s desire to introduce the concept of personalisation, modernity, transparency, as well as convenience, tied into one, was set into the traditional world of perfumery. She coupled this alongside her beliefs of making creative and high-quality, clean perfumery more accessible to all, which collectively pushed her to venture out on her own in 2019.

Why ‘Maison 21G’?

Since Maison literally translates as ‘home’ in French, we wanted to convey our desire for our customers to feel completely like themselves, just like they would in the comfort of their own homes, whilst creating their customised perfume. At our perfumery maison, we take care of our guests, at a level of attention that is rather rare in the current market. We enjoy engaging in conversations with our guests, exchanging our feelings and impulses, implying a ‘home-sweet-home’ feel, as we eliminate the boundaries and the distance between us, Maison 21G, and you, which unfortunately is still vastly present in many traditional luxury shops. We focus all of our attention on the aesthetic details, from our guests, our customers, to the quality of what is inside the bottle.

Further dissecting our name, in 1907, the New York times had said that the human soul weighs exactly 21 grams. Thus, to gather the puzzle together, the ‘21G’ within our title, represents the desire to ‘encapsulate the scent of your soul’ in a 21 grams bottle of customised perfume. For Johanna, undoubtedly, “each soul should have its own scent; you can’t simply attend an event with the same dress as your colleagues or friends, so why should you restrict yourself to smelling like someone else too?

The number 21 also marks the perfume concentrate used in our perfume creations. As one of the highest concentrations within the perfume industry, we only create Eau de Parfum at 21% at our Maison.

Our Values

Empowerment and Freedom of Creation:

Our unique purpose is to empower you in creating your own scents to express yourself. We give you the tools, the best ingredients, the methodology, yet the rest is in your hands. You are the master of choosing what goes into your customised perfume. You create your perfect blend of scents that reflects exactly your personality and your personal preferences.

The experience of creating your unique customised perfume at Maison 21G is very fulfilling and provoking, as it often challenges you to discover more about yourself and what you really like. Creating your perfume, you will fulfill your deeper desires and fantasies in total freedom, with no preconceived perceptions or interferences.

Experiential and Sharing:

From the exploration of sensory pleasures, to finding your favourite perfume ingredients, to discovering your scent personality with the help of an AI-powered personality quiz, it is guaranteed that you will be leaving our boutique, our Scent atelier, or even our website, with a bespoke perfume like no other. We truly want to entice, educate, and dip you into the culture of the noble art of perfumery, and surely you’ll be returning, wanting for more! The experience of creating your own customised perfume as a whole has been said to be very attaining, and may even help you discover more about yourself or even your partner!

Entering our Maison, our collective, you become part of a scent designer community where you can share and exchange your creative recipes, your ingredient mixes, as well as your impressions and ideas. Stop following the crowd, and begin your independence by creating your very own scent.

Sustainable and Transparent:

Maison 21G is 100% preservatives-free, cruelty-free and prides itself on being completely transparent with you on their sustainable perfume formulas. In fact, we have even gone as far as to ban the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), CMRs (substances that are toxic to reproduction), phthalates and preservatives in our products; and can even guarantee a minimum value of 10% of natural ingredients in your perfume formulas. Moreover, we are equally proud to be environmentally conscious, as Maison 21G uses up to 90% biodegradable ingredients in their perfumes to reduce their carbon footprint!

Creating your own scent is enriching, and is a path of real discovery, something you can experience with your friends, your partner, or family. At Maison 21G we thrive to share all of our tricks and secrets of perfume making, as we aim to bring more transparency into the world of perfumery, sharing all of our knowledge with you!


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