Are pheromones our own elixir of love?

Have you ever been distracted by the scent of someone passing by, that you simply couldn't resist turning around and looking back? Don't worry, you’re not alone… In fact, although fragrance is very subjective, attraction through the sense of scent, runs down to the science of smelling, and more precisely to the magic of pheromones!


You may have seen the word pheromones circulating, yet for those who are unaware: they are a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, specifically a mammal. These secreted chemical signals are an evolved form of communication, that are powerfully effective in triggering the behaviour, the physiology, and more specifically the sexual behaviour, between members of the same species, to the extent, that even at a far out distance, as a matter of kilometres, the opposite sex, such as a female deer will be attracted to the male deer, merely for its scent.

Just as we follow the footprints of animals in the theory of evolution, pheromones equally play an important role for humans and puppet the laws of attraction. Although they aren’t tangible and can’t be seen, they compose an identity card, a DNA, for each individual. These imperceptible olfactory pheromonal signatures are the so-called ‘chemistry’ between two people, as they control whether you’re attracted or repelled by a potential partner. In fact, if for instance you fall into the category of a hopeless romantic, believing in ‘love at first sight’, then you would know the feeling is beyond what we see, and more about what you feel. Well this is how pheromones and our power of scent work! We see it, we smell it, we like or dislike it. If however, you instead consider yourself more rational and sensible with your choice, weighing your opinion on factors such as the physical appearance and the social affinities, then we have news for you… although your mind may be doing the thinking, your body has already made its choice, and once again it relies solely on your uncontrolled preference of scent! It’s really safe to say that pheromones prove the laws of human nature, and purely exemplify our primal, ‘animal’ instincts, and really are our sixth sense!

In addition, did you know that you are attracted to people who smell different to you? Nature protects us with this great intuition, avoiding you to be attracted to those of relation to you and instead letting your ‘sense of smelling’ loose as you seek your perfect partner!


Don't we all want the perfect perfume that will help us smell like a sex god or a sex goddess? Luckily, pheromones are believed to be closest in achieving this, and they’re much closer than you think… Although the chemicals are nature-released substances, they can be collected and are used in fragrances that are found on the market today.

Although the appeal for more sensual fragrances is considered rather ‘new’, the integration of pheromones in perfumes roots as far back as to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians exposed that sweat, specifically that from a strong and healthy man, was filled with aphrodisiac substances. This sweat was collected and stored in jars for the purpose of being mixed into different fragrances. Strange as it may sound, it was considered somewhat effective… Nevertheless, luckily now, the pheromones found in perfumes are mostly extracted from mammals or similarly mimicked by synthetic components; so don't fret, no alpha males are hurt in the modern processes!

The magic is down to the work of three pheromones, which are most prominently used in current perfumes, including androsteroneandrostanol, and androstenedione (especially effective on women). Infused into the fragrance, they are equally efficient in actively stimulating and promoting the mood, the behavior, the focus, and most enticingly, boost the sexual desire of the wearer.

Therefore, with scent playing such a key role in the laws of seduction, it is no wonder why fragrance houses have devoted so much time to the manufacturing of perfume pheromones.

Maison 21G has gathered our top 3 sexy perfumes from the market, that are worth the try and that surely contain this secret, magnetic substance!

1) Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

The hint is in the name… this fragrance WILL hypnotise you! A beautiful blend of rich Sambac Jasmine, with hints of liquorice in the heart. With evolving facets of the intense tonka bean and vanilla, the perfume is wrapped with the scent of the forbidden red apple. Tempting enough?

2) Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

A sexy, fresh and oriental fragrance that mirrors the irresistible and provocative spirit of Coco herself! The notes of pure femininity, rose and jasmine, are wrapped with deep, warm ingredients: vanilla, vetiver and musk, as well as the intense patchouli. Seductive, and charming, the fragrance is rounded off with invigorating notes of bergamot and orange.

3) Opium By YSL

A potion that explores luxurious elegance and eroticism; a classic soft and oriental perfume. The enchanting base of myrrh, amber, along with palatable vanilla and fierce patchouli, is complimented with the florals of Sambac Jasmine, as well as the refreshing blend of mandarin and bergamot at the top. Addictive, mischievous and intoxicating, the scent screams sex.


At Maison 21G we believe that a pillar in feeling confident and sending the correct message to those around you, is to find a suitable perfume that will enhance your personal, natural scent. What better way to cater to your preferences, your smell, your mood and character than by personalising your scent! A bespoke fragrance will aid you in attracting unique attention, as literally no one else will have a perfume like yours. Memorable and distinctive, you will for sure be standing out, with no one standing in your way of attracting your prince charming or princess! Maison 21G want to help you in designing your personal scent style and thus we have gathered a few ingredient recommendations to help you in your initial steps of choosing your fragrance composition.

For a perfume most suitable for women, that really will enhance your sex appeal, we recommend mixing the irresistible VANILLA VENUS, with any of your favourite florals, such as TUBEROSE TRIBUTE. These partnered ingredients embellish a woman’s femininity and not only… Draped in the mouth-watering, sweet, creamy, sensual vanilla, and garlanded with the velvet touch of the white floralcy, creates a rather carnal yet elegant perfume. You’ll have everyone falling under your spell…

A highly recommended mix intended for men, on the other hand, would be the heliotropin-packed TERRIFIC TONKA and GINGER GAME. Dauntless, bold, fresh, spicy, captivating, with powdery and earthy back notes. It's a character in itself, brilliant and subversive, smelling undeniably divine on the skin. This combination evokes haute sophistication and naughtiness!

A fragrance that will be greatly bold, and powerful, relies on the use of the rather rare, intriguing, and hypnotic OUD OUTSHINE! With animalic lashings, and empowering dark wood facets, it creates an intriguing backbone for the top notes. Accompany it with an ingredient that will energise and make you feel alive, such as the timelessly fresh, invigorating, yet elegant clean notes of BERGAMOT BLAST or GINGER GAME. Voila, your love potion is ready!

Finally and surely not least, this truly is the ultimate potion that will exceed any of your expectations; the mix of aphrodisiac ingredients, GINGER GAME and VANILLA VENUS. Fresh on the top, with an evolving body of a warm, sensual and daring perfume. An elixir of the devil, and a great potion to ‘tromper enemie’! A temptation for those around you, as you encourage a trail of admirers….


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