Here’s how you’re wearing your perfume wrong!

“I like my perfume but it doesn’t stay on my skin”, “Why doesn’t my perfume last long?”, “Does my skin absorb the perfumes I spray onto it?”… Surely you have heard these questions before!? To finally put a halt to the circulating inquisitions and to avoid any perfume ignorance, this is the article for you!

Despite being surrounded by scent, perfume is not always an accessory that is ‘easy’ to wear. Perfume is like a woman. You must entice it, make it comfortable, play with it and only then will it bloom and reflect its aromatic nature.

With the human factor of being distracted by our desires, we do often fall into the trap of purchasing something that will entertain our eye and will enlighten our shelf display, rather than specifically its odour. In addition, as a result of the price growth of fine fragrances, customers wish to get their money’s worth, thus seek perfumes that will carry a powerful and persistent, long-lasting scent. Although the easier answer may seem to be an ‘increase in concentration’, it is not always the case to why some fragrances do not stay on your skin.

Firstly, when you wear the same fragrance on your skin for a long time, our skin, body chemistry undertakes the phenomenon of familiarisation, assimilating the fragrance you wear with your personal smell, which then sends a message to your brain. This process is known as olfactory adaptation and thus the perfume that you wear is no longer perceived.

Maison 21G has gathered 5 top secrets, tips on how to pick, attract and wear your perfume, to indulge not only your nose, yet those around you.

1) Frequently Change Your Scent with Maison 21G

With a more frequent change in your fragrances, you won’t only be treating yourself to a half-yearly scented gift, yet you’ll also avoid your body familiarising with your scent and can smell divine for longer! Furthermore, with the opportunity to create your own fragrance, you can cater to your specific scent desires with your favourite fragrance ingredients.

2) Coat Your Body with a "Greasy Base" and Perfume Over It

It is highly recommended to moisturise your skin before spraying on your perfume. Dry skin tends to absorb some of the scent, hence making it fade faster; whilst on the contrary, moisturised skin allows the fragrance to adhere to something, lasting longer. We suggest using an unscented body lotion to avoid any scent clashes.

Moreover, do not be alarmed if this is not 100% effective for you, as there are other natural factors that can affect the scent on a skin; such as perspiration. The chemical substance in your sweat may contribute to the balance of your perfume, similar to the use of drugs or medicine, which would equally change the chemicals of your body, thus changing the fragrance. In addition, another factor is your diet, which can change your body temperature, and so the scent.

If you still struggle to reach your desired perfume intensity, then try our solid wax fragrance. Thanks to its concentration, the matter, and arrangement, it will stay longer on your skin.

3) Don't Rub your Fragrance In!

Whatever you do, do not rub your fragrance into your skin! The friction of your skin and perfume together, would cause the breakdown of the chemicals, resulting in the breakdown of top notes, faster than they would have otherwise. If you don't have a spray fragrance, then simply dab it onto your skin.

4) Wear Scent on Your Pulse Points

The simple secret of perfume wearers, is that they know exactly where to wear the perfume. Spray on the inside of your wrists, on your temples, as well as warmer and more concealed areas of your body, including behind your earlobes, a spray on the inside of your elbows and knees, and at the base of your neck, near your shoulder blade. In these spots, your temperature, your heat will unravel the fragrance notes throughout the day.

5) Spray Your Fragrance not only on your body!

If you want an extra aromatic breeze, with a trail to follow, then why not spray your perfume lightly in your hair (avoid the roots). This way, with every flick of your hair, with every light wind, your scent will be further spread.


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