For the further dig on the TOP ingredients for 2020, we couldn't go by without noticing that almond notes have predominantly been seen emerging in the later months of 2019, to be then continuously and fondly seen within the hottest 2020 fragrance compositions.

A palatable, soft, succulent and bittersweet fragrance note that is multi-faceted in its nature and ranges from different forms in how one's nose perceives it. From an almond note that is delicate in its touch, something almost powdery in its scent, to a note with a powerful, delicious presence, reminiscent to the taste of marzipan; or to even a note that divulges a red cherry and warm nutty and woody heart. It really is safe to say that almonds are the current note du jour!


It isn’t difficult to unravel the scent of such an ingredient, especially when you know all that it has to offer for its taste... Irrefutably, just the thought of marzipan, almond tartlets, or amaretto chases your conscience to a luscious mouthwatering taste sensation, and unsurprisingly, its scent presence in perfumes equally works its wonders in a very similar manner!

Originating from the Middle East and East India, almonds share several beneficial properties in addition to their taste and scent. These include medicinal health-related benefits, such as assisting blood sugar control, and lowering cholesterol levels, due to being highly nutritious and rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, as an ingredient, they are also popularly used in aromatherapy, as well as the cosmetics industry today.

With a rather lengthy and complex process required for the obtaining of the bitter almond essential oil, it is no surprise that in most cases the scent of almond that we sense in our perfumes is in fact the synthetic substitute known as benzaldehyde. With a medium volatility and no fixative properties, this ingredient compliments and blends well with floral, woody, gourmand, and even resin notes!


With a rather composite odour profile, the most recent fragrance launches have adopted different approaches for using almond within their compositions. Rather innovative, daring, voluptuous, elegant yet sensual (just have a look at the names); they all express the opulence and boasting deliciousness of the ingredient!

Traversing the worlds of both male and female fragrances, the scent of almonds can be seductive, luxurious, delicate and sophisticated, with a lactonic, silky texture for its backbone, as its aroma conjures a dance between bitter and sweet. Its beauty is unconventional in a perfume, and thus, Maison 21G could not resist gathering the most enticing, tender, warm and awakening fragrances of 2020 that include almond within their compositions.


As usual, we at Maison 21G are one step ahead of you in the game, and thus present to you, ALMOND ABSOLUTE! You won’t only be on top of the ingredient trend, yet you will also have a unique, tailored to you, almond-infused perfume to relish!

Nothing is more memorable than a scent, and this combination truly confirms this; ALMOND ABSOLUTE and HONEY HEAVEN. Sexy, silky and nutty, this gourmand elixir with creamy rich, and addictive golden notes, wrapped in powdery, woody facets, creates a hypnotic, irresistible scent. Leaving you wanting for more, this combo is truly designed for those who dare to be different!

For a duo that will evolve together to create a sensual, fougere unisex fragrance, it has to be ALMOND ABSOLUTE along with LAVENDER LEGEND! The juicy sweet, crunchy, and powdery almond notes are neatly tailored with the aromatic freshness, and classically bright and uplifting lavender florals, to create a clean, and simultaneously warm fragrance that will be a perfect for everyday wear.

Finally if you seek for a potion with powers, an Aphrodite fragrance, then ALMOND ABSOLUTE with GINGER GAME is the elixir you need. Suitable to be worn unisex; the spicy, invigorating freshness of the ginger, infuses with the unctuous warmth, and soft, sweet and silky nuances of the almond. With even a single spray of this fragrance, it creates an ideal specimen of a bold, valiant character, and evokes an incredible sense of fun when being worn!


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