Mimosa: Mimosa is not just for Sunday brunch.

It’s strikingly obvious. Mimosa isn’t like most other trees. You can gather from its looks that it’s quite different, and so just like its looks, it has a very unique scent! Simple as that. You might’ve seen these fluffy, yellow, little balls erupting from a green leafy branch at the florist, but those aren’t the real deal. In fact, they’re acacias. True mimosas aren’t just yellow, but really have many different shades of pink and purple too! That's all part of the miracle.

Now that you’re practically a professional florist, it’s time to jump back into the world of smell! Stay tuned with Maison 21G, where you will learn much more about these little miracle trees… 

Beauty guru, @andathesea_, gets up close and personal with Mimosa Mantra. You heard it all right here at the one and only, Maison 21G!

Mimosa was originally native to Australia. However, in the 18th century, this all changed as they made their way across to Europe! Since then, they have been known to thrive in the mild winters of the Mediterranean coast. Now there's no going back as you'll see these resilient trees have rooted themselves practically everywhere!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope. It's just February in Grasse, the perfume capital of France, where for a few weeks every February the hills turn a magnificent, golden yellow! These tiny, fluffy and somewhat sexy pompoms burst with vibrant yellow colour. Their beautifully fresh and powdery sweet fragrance fills the air as they burst open releasing their magic into it. But, don't stand around wasting time as their bloom only lasts a short little while. Speed is of the essence. At Maison 21G, we act fast to secure the freshness of these flowers, so we can lock in their deep aroma.

Still, you wouldn't be surprised to see the hills of Egypt or India absolutely covered in these trees for miles in order to keep up with demand. You'd almost think the sun was constantly setting on the horizon, all day, every day. Stay sharp, though. Though a beautiful sight, it doesn't compare to the real deal. Plus, there's no chance you'd catch Simba and Mufasa peacefully sitting as they watch a sunset of flowers!

It's dreamy. Not in that McDreamy kind of way, but with a sweet, fluffy scent to itself. Its flower has very unique headnotes, with fresh, green and powdery nuances, which is distinctive from all other flowers! After these headnotes, you will fall in love with the soft honey undertones, which are super addictive with some fruity plum facets and hints of amber. So elegant, fresh and sensual. All at the same time! Truly the perfect combination for a man.

For us at Maison 21G, its smell almost has a child-like innocence. There's something just so pleasing and pleasant, you want to keep it forever and never let go.

Traditionally, Mimosa was everywhere. More recently it has seen a decline in modern perfumery, and far less mainstream. That never stopped anyone before, and it certainly isn't stopping us. At Maison 21G we still choose to use this as a secret ingredient to curate your fragrance compositions with. It's time for a comeback. Maybe not as great as the Barcelona v Liverpool comeback earlier this year, but we sure are bringing Mimosa back. Why, you ask? Well, it has an array of benefits as well that can help relieve stress, make you less frigid, less anxious, and even soften your skin!

Apres l'Ondee by Guerlain was the quintessential use of a Mimosa blend with Orris and the famous “Guerlinade” accord. You can’t forget the magnetism and the aura of a woman wearing this fragrance. The sillage is just unbelievable!

At Maison 21G, we want to give you the possibility to re-invent Mimosa once again!

At Maison 21G, we're suggesting a mixture with our ozonic signature, OCEAN ODYSSEY, to get that fresh Mediterranean feeling straight off the Cote d'Azur in the spring. The air is crisp and windy. You're getting the fresh sea air on your face, with some cold ocean mist blowing up with it. With this combination, you've never felt so alive.

For a more sexy vibe, you can blend Mimosa with HONEY HEAVEN in order to enhance its natural facet. It will be sexy, but yet elegant and distinctive too. Just the right balance is struck. Be careful if someone gets close to you though, as they'll be tempted beyond their own control!

If it's that warm, cosy, and protected feeling you need with your child or loved one on a Sunday, I recommend blending Mimosa with our white musk signature, MUSK MIRAGE. With this, we can re-enforce those feelings of your warm blankets upon your skin, as you lie in the nice cool air. Not a bother in the world!

And to get more masculinity and charisma out of Mimosa, I would suggest blending it with our beautiful CEDAR CAVIAR. An extremely fine blend, indeed. It will create an amazing contrast of strong charisma, with an underlying softness when people come nice and close. Really put your ingredients to work with this blend!

Get ready for the opening of Maison 21G to unlock the superpower of MIMOSA MANTRA for use in your everyday life! Subscribe below to get the latest updates.​


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