Perfume to Set You Free from Stress? 



Just before we get to the mixing, let me tell you about the flower powers hidden inside Frangipani. In India, plumeria has been used as a treatment for itches and fevers. It is also believed that Mayan people used it for skin treatments. The simplest recipe that exists for this is to add a drop of plumeria essential oil to Jojoba Oil and massage this mixture into your skin after a nice warm bath. You just can't go wrong!


Can't get enough freshness in your life? That's alright, because now you can. We recommend mixing FRANGIPANI FREEDOM with CEDAR CAVIAR to unlock a salty sea breeze rushing from your skin. But, if you need to harness onto some more power, you'll want to blend FRANGIPANI FREEDOM with OCEAN ODYSSEY. More than just a tinge of freshness, this one comes with the power of the mighty seven seas to keep you constantly energised.

If you're planning on walking around Polynesia with your flower over your right ear, seeking love, then we've got you sorted! The blend you require is FRANGIPANI FREEDOM with AMBER AFFAIR. Soon enough, you'll have to move that flower from your right ear to your left as you lock it down! But, perhaps not? Just want to remain outstanding and need a scent to help people notice you? Then, mix FRANGIPANI FREEDOM with TOBACCO TRANCE to light up the radar!

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