What is your address?

Our flagship store is located at 77 Duxton Road, Singapore, 089536. You can reach us very easily by taxi, Grab, or GoJek. As well, our nearest MRT is Tanjong Pagar or Chinatown. If you have any problems finding us just give us a call at +65 6226 2677.

What are the opening hours?

We're open weekdays and Saturdays from 12pm (noon) until 8pm in the evening! Feel free to drop by anytime, but we do take our much-needed rest off on Sunday's.

What is your phone number?

It's +65 6226 2677.

How does Maison21G work?

Maison 21G offers the ultimate perfume creation experience.

Through a series of questions designed to understand your personality, our algorithm helps us identify the perfect match of fragrance for you. The best way to create your personal scent wardrobe is simply to start playing with our website and elixirs. By trying various combinations of mixes and following our suggestions, you will soon have a scent of your own able to complete each of your different moods and desires in life.

Once you receive your elixirs, all you have to do is mix them together in the 21G glass bottle, shake well… et voilà! There you have it: your very own customised scent.

At Maison21G, you are in direct contact with the perfume creation! No more factory and big brands in between the perfumers and you! All your customised scents are freshly made by you, for you!

What is included in my order?

All orders come with two droppers filled with the desired elixirs (pure concentrate of perfume) together with a 21G glass bottle filled with alcohol beforehand. The bottle is engraved with your choice of design on it. The items are packed in our signature premium packaging to provide you with the most exclusive bespoke experience.

Can I purchase the elixirs alone?

Unfortunately, you can’t. We only offer the packaged deal described above: 2 elixirs and a bottle filled with alcohol for you to make your Eaux de parfum at home, in total autonomy. If you wish to refill your bottle with the same fragrances, you can come to our boutique with your bottle and we will be happy to do it for you. Otherwise, you can simply re-order. We will soon have refill packages of elixir and alcohol to be even more sustainable.

If you do not feel comfortable mixing the perfume concentrate by yourself, we can also do it for you. Simply select the appropriate option before adding the product to your cart.

What are my fragrance options?

There are four possible ways to create your personal fragrance on our website:

  1. Take the personality test available on our homepage. After the test, you can either choose one of the three different combinations recommended, or all 3 of them to obtain an entire scent wardrobe!

  2. Access the In-House Creation page on our website to discover pre-selected mixes made by our expert Scent designers. They should satisfy your fragrance needs for a total of 21 different occasions.

  3. Become 100% in charge by simply selecting DIY on our homepage. Our collection currently holds 33 Elixirs for you to choose from. 33 Elixirs, that’s 528 possibilities of signature creations for you!

  4. Visit our House of Creation in Singapore and discover our prestigious Academy of Scent designers. You will learn all the tricks and secrets of perfumery with our experts. Address: 77 Duxton Road, Singapore 089536.

Do you offer any fragrance samples?

Yes. If you are unsure of how your mix creation will smell like, you can try our small sample sizes before purchasing your final package. You can choose to receive either of the following:

- 10mL roll on of your selected Elixirs, already diluted in alcohol, ready to be applied.

- 2.1 grams Palettes of solid wax each scented with your desired Elixir.

Either way, you will be able to apply and mix the product directly on your skin to get a feel of your creation’s final result. No doubt you will love it!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Upon checkout, you would be prompted on the type of delivery which you would like to opt for. Next day delivery will include a surcharge whereas regular delivery will take 3-5 working days to reach your doorstep.

Do you offer any promotions?

If you're after a sale, I'm afraid we don't run any of those. This is because we offer a unique service into an otherwise very closed-off industry, and it isn't cheap for us to do! We believe we offer the best ingredients out there that are second to none, and that the price's we set reflect this truth. Still, if you head over to our blog at blog.maison21g.com you might find a little surprise for our loyal readers and followers there...

Nevertheless, we have implemented a system of points for our loyal scent designers. Each time you buy, you earn! We are also happy to give away extra scent creations when we see your engagement on social media about your unique experience as a scent designer.

How does your rewards system work?

There are certain actions you can carry out to get yourself points awarded. These actions include referral register, referral buy, create and buy products, review products, register successfully and purchase products. With your points, you will be able to redeem freebies in our online store!

Do you offer international shipping?

We currently do not offer international shipping (only within Singapore).


But why exactly? Perfumes are considered as dangerous products (highly inflammable) due to their high alcohol concentration. This imposes a lot of restrictions on their rights to be shipped by plane. This is why we can only pre-fill your 21G bottles with alcohol locally to give you the quickest service at an affordable price! But don’t worry, we are working on our international distribution and will soon extend the brand worldwide!