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Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac and simultaneously tends to increase both euphoria and relaxation. While this works for most men, it is supposed to work particularly effectively with more mature men.

Vanilla produces a feeling of happiness across the world, and is the most liked ingredient in perfumes globally

An interesting observation for grapefruit was that the scent inherently makes women appear younger to men than they actually were. The fresh, juicy, orange like scent of grapefruit is known to uplift the mood and increase attention from men and make it an eye turner.Grapefruit and orange citrus both aroused 20% of men in a study!

Scientifically, licorice is known to contain phytoestrogen sterols, which tends to affect the both the testosterone and estrogen levels. The sweet, spicy, sharp, candy like scent of licorice is very attractive.

The creamy, woody, sweet, heady scent of sandalwood is usually perfect for massage oils and colognes. Increasingly it is becoming a part of some better perfumes in the market and is supposed to be a stimulant.

Myth has it that Cleopatra used the scent of lavender to seduce both Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. Can’t doubt Cleopatra’s strategy, can we?

Lavender is said to make men feel relaxed and nurtured. It helps in inducing calmness, setting the right mood, as well as helping people lower inhibitions in interactions.

It is said that in Italy, young women used to dab basil oil over themselves to try and seduce male suitors.

It is said that basil has a gentle spicy scent that makes it a serious aphrodisiac and makes it attractive, boosting the mood with the men.

Hot spices such as black pepper, chilli peppers, and even garlic usually induce a slight increase in the heart rates, which mimics the reaction people have when then experience a heightened libido.

In fact, for centuries, Arabian cultures touted the virtues of black pepper for its mood and lust inducing properties.

The lily of the valley is a scent which is a beautiful scent of the spring. It is a scent that puts your mind at calm, and makes you hear music and transports you to a different world.

In a study performed, 11% of men were aroused by the scent and a majority of the respondents reacted positively to the scent.

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