Thursday, May 9, 2019

Be Irresistible: Wear an Addictive Perfume

The latest drug to hit the streets, and you can get addicted without any of the bad stuff, sort of… Welcome to the addictive side of perfumery! 

One of the most famous perfumes containing a ton of heliotropin (like hella) is called “Hypnotic Poison”. Um, question: is it really a poison…? No, don’t worry, that’s just the perfume industry getting creative again (as we do). This isn’t some kind of Snow White fairy-tale, but it does “exactly what it says on the tin.” Rather, it’s more like a drug used by women! That is to say, it drives men absolutely crazy, according to a lot of women. Basically, as reliable a source as you can get.


Now, be warned, if you meet someone like this (signs on) you should probably do a bit of investigating first, in the name of safety. I mean, they’re wearing poison! #50Shades

Contrary to what you’d think, heliotropin smells very innocent at first with a nice, sweet powdery effect! That’s all party of the illustrious mystery here. But when you put it on your skin – well, that’s an entirely different matter! First, you will be addicted to you! Of course, if you’re addicted to you, then it follows that everyone else can’t help but be addicted to you too. No one will know what’s going on, so it is imperative you keep this between you and me. A secret!

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